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Just yesterday, the 116th Congress was seated, and Nancy Pelosi, once again, took the Speaker’s gavel. With this shift in congressional power comes the specter of gridlock and unending inquiries into the activities of President Trump and his administration since taking office. It will also embolden those who support the ongoing Mueller investigation into candidate Trump and his team to call for impeachment. The Left still can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump won the election fair and square.

Many leading Democrats have vowed to make life difficult for President Trump, and I have no doubt they will follow through on their promise.

Just today, Rep. Steve Cohen, TN, introduced a bill that would prevent Trump from pardoning anyone close to him, an obvious attempt to infer that Trump and his team have committed a felony. By the way, this same congressman also introduced a bill today that seeks to abolish the Electoral College, stating that it’s time for the Chief Executive and the Vice President to be elected by popular vote. This is a direct result of the Democrats’ bitter losses in 2000 and 2016 and confirms that Democrats don’t accept the judgment of the electorate as outlined by the Constitution. Apparently, Mr. Cohen and his allies consider themselves more qualified than the Founding Fathers to know what’s best for the American people.

From the looks of it, some Republicans are eager to join in on the fun as well. If Mitt Romney’s recent op-ed is any indication of how other Washington insiders are posturing for the future, then Mr. Trump should prepare himself for a never-ending, two-front war with the Establishment. Not only will it be grueling and frustrating for him and his family, but I suspect it will be just as frustrating for most people in the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leftist plan is to apply more pressure on Trump and so greatly bog everything down in the mire of investigations and hearings that the average person tires of the struggle and capitulates. In other words, I could foresee a scenario where, “for the sake of the country,” those outside of the Democratic Party might pressure Trump to resign. God is more interested in the eternal welfare of the man, Donald Trump, than He is the success of President Trump.

To be fair, President Trump hasn’t always helped his case when it comes to demeanor and being “Presidential.” Let’s face it – modesty is not his strong suit, at least not when he is in a public battle. Granted, I actually agree with much of what he tweets out at 3 in the morning. Still, it would probably be better for him and the country if, on occasion, he listened to Melania and tempered his words with wisdom. That being said, I realize that his impromptu comments and the verbal street brawls with his opponents are exactly why many love him. It is a fact that has been borne out since before Trump took office that playing nice with the Leftists doesn’t work. They have a agenda and work tirelessly to implement it, running over anyone who gets in their way. To combat that takes someone who is tough, just as determined as they are, and just as aggressive. I truly appreciate the President’s will to fight for what he believes is right for America.

So my main point here is not to disparage the President in any way – I support many of his positions, especially when it comes to Israel, Islam, and Immigration. Nor is it my intention to be a blind follower and a parrot for President Trump – he has obvious weaknesses that need his attention. My point, today, is to encourage us all to pray for him; he’s going to need it. Moreover, I think it is important for us to intercede on behalf of the man, Donald Trump, not just on behalf of President Trump.

The constant barrage that Mr. Trump has faced since taking office, and even before, is not only evidence of his frailties and failures but also indicates – at least to me – that God is using him. Personally, I believe that God’s primary purpose for Trump is to frustrate the globalists and their emerging one-world agenda. His position on immigration is certainly evidence of that, but I also believe that his decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem demonstrates it as well. If Ronald Reagan was raised up by Heaven to combat the Soviet Union and precipitate the dissolution of the Iron Curtain, then it seems to me that God has raised up Donald Trump to stem the tide of globalism, if only for a season. I’m convinced this is why they hate him so – because God has a plan and a schedule that will not be derailed, and Trump is a primary player in that plan and schedule.

On the other hand, being placed in this lofty position comes at a great price to him and his family. There’s no way around it – God is allowing these accusations and threats to touch his life and that of his family. Why? Though God is using him, and the hounds of hell are working overtime to undermine God’s purposes, I believe there are things in the president’s life that the Creator wants to touch – and change. You see, God is more interested in the eternal welfare of the man, Donald Trump, than He is the success of President Trump. The Creator is more interested in the Kingdom of Heaven and the welfare of His people than He is the future of America.

I’m not suggesting that President Trump is getting his comeuppance. I’m simply arguing that, like you and me, he too must face trials and tribulations engineered to bring about repentance, humility, and a determination to pursue righteousness. Therefore, I feel it is very important that we pray for the man , Donald Trump. Let us pray that he would rush into his prayer closet and humble himself before the Almighty, not to validate the allegations made by Pelosi, Schumer, and the Progressive cartel, but that he would be justified before the Supreme Judge. Don’t get me wrong: I still want the fighter who is determined to defend our nation against enemies, foreign and domestic. I still want the patriot who is dedicated to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. But if he allows these vicious attacks to push him closer to God in humility and repentance, how can the nation not benefit? Pray for the President. Pray for the man.

Gary; “weak statement”? Disagree. It’s an honest statement that faithfully represents exactly how I feel. I’ve not hidden the fact that I was definitely not on the Trump bandwagon leading up to the election and my reasons are public. I definitely took issue with his arrogant disposition and rude comments about some of his opponents, many of which were not justified in any universe. That being said, I’m not so arrogant or bull headed not to recognize God’s purpose for putting such a man in office when it becomes obvious.

Robert E. Lee fought for the Confederacy with all his might against a man who, to put it mildly, struggled with alcohol – Grant. Lee was the opposite; he was a devout believer who tried to avoid the very appearance of evil. But when it became apparent to Lee that Grant and the North would prevail, Lee accepted it as God’s will. He didn’t continue to fight against or subvert the decision – He accepted it and even endorsed the outcome publicly. While I’m not comparing myself to Lee or Trump to Grant, I am trying to relate to you my position and how I came to see things this way. I heartily support many of the positions that the President has taken when it comes to the military, immigration, Isis, Israel and others. I do believe that he is God’s man for this time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a man of a God. Therein lies the core issue I attempted to address in the article – not to “justify my negativity” about Trump – I’ve never hidden how I feel on the matter. I’m just of the conviction that each of us – me, you and Trump – will have to stand before the Creator and give an account of our lives, not necessarily as a Bible teacher, a President or a plumber, but a man created to “love God with all your heart” and “love your neighbor as yourself.” Blessings. Reply