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Ford motor company released a wet-clutch powershift [2] [5] transmission on the 2008 ford focus (international) [5] [65] and ford C-MAX. This wet-clutch [5] DCT was designed with gearbox specialist getrag [5] under the getrag ford transmissions joint venture, founded in 2001, [66] [67] and is expected to feature in other ford and volvo [65] models.

Ford announced the US-market version of the mark VI ford fiesta for 2011 featured a dry-clutch [5] powershift transmission. Ford also announced the introduction of powershift transmission to north american market by 2010. [2] [68]

The volvo version will be built in koping, sweden, at volvo’s transmission plant. The powershift gearbox will be introduced on the second-generation volvo S60, [68] and then on to the V50 [65] and C30 [65] models.

The XC60 is expected to get this ford powershift gearbox along with other new models to make more sporty cars.How much will housing benefit pay for private rent general motors [ edit ]

In the company’s restructuring plan, it revealed that dry dual-clutch transmission would have been available in the 2012 calendar year. [69] however, this plan was cancelled. The GM dual-clutch gearbox was introduced on the GMC granite, [70] a concept car. Had it been released, the new front-wheel drive transmission would have incorporated the latest innovations for improving fuel economy and performance. The transmission alone would have provide upward of 10% improvement in fuel economy over today’s conventional six-speed automatic transmissions. The transmission co-developed between GM and shanghai automotive industry corporation features dry, dual-clutch technology. It would have provided shift comfort equal to a conventional fully automatic transmission, with superior quality, while reducing CO 2 emissions. [71] honda [ edit ]

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Honda implemented the eight-speed DCT in the acura ILX and TLX. It is also the only company to pair their DCT with a torque converter to smooth low-speed crawling (a problem found in many traditional dcts). The acura NSX super car also uses a nine-speed DCT, which consists of launch gear and a cruising gear while seven gears in the middle are geared closer to each other. The sport hybrid versions of the acura RLX and MDX models both have a 7-speed DCT. Neither the 7 nor 9-speed dcts contain a torque converter as the electric motors of the hybrid system already alleviate the rough slow start issue. Motorcycles [ edit ]

In october 2009, honda launched the VFR1200F, [72] a motorcycle with a 1,237 cc (75.5 cu in) V4 engine and optional DCT dubbed the next generation transmission. [73] in may 2009, honda CEO takeo fukui mentioned that honda was working on a new dual-clutch transmission system that could be matched with future hybrids. [74]

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The DCT transmissions used in some hyundai and kia passenger vehicles are supplied by hyundai DYMOS. At the 2009 geneva motor show, hyundai unveiled ix-onic concept car, which was said to feature a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. [76]

John deere tractors introduced its directdrive dual-clutch transmission in 2012 in tractors. Currently the transmission is available in the 6R models, although it will likely be phased out in favour of the new autopower (autopwr) transmission on the new 6230R and 6250R, announced in 2016. The tractors are expected to be in full production by mid – 2017 and the transmission used in them is expected to be seen in future john deere machinery across the whole range, such as forage and combine harvesters. The autopower joystick used in the 6230R and 6250R can achieve the top speed from one push of the toggle and has several buttons integrated onto the stick that are programmable for different features.How much will housing benefit pay for private rent the tractors have also won the prestigious ‘machine of the year’ award 2017. Lotus [ edit ]

Lotus cars has submitted a patent application for a lighter, simpler and more compact dual-clutch transmission system. The gearbox shown in the application is an eight-speed unit, with seven forward gears and reverse. McLaren automotive [ edit ]

McLaren automotive introduced a seven speed dual clutch on MP4-12C made in italy by oerlikon graziano. The design comes with a feature called pre-cog that lets the driver preselect the next highest or lowest gear decreasing shift times. [39] mitsubishi [ edit ]

The mitsubishi motors lancer evolution X and lancer ralliart are supplied with mitsubishi’s twin clutch SST (abbreviated TC-SST, for twin clutch sport shift transmission or twin clutch sportronic shift transmission) dual-clutch transmission, [77] controllable by steering wheel mounted magnesium paddle shifters. [78] it is the getrag-built, powershift 6DCT470 [78] [79] transmission in the mitsubishi lancer evolution. [78] [79] mitsubishi fuso truck and bus corporation [ edit ]

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The mitsubishi fuso truck and bus corporation presented a world first with a double-clutch transmission for commercial vehicles. The new six-speed M038S6 duonic transmission features wet clutches and incorporates the ability to creep in traffic for smoother operation. Although duonic-equipped trucks will probably be driven mostly in fully automatic mode, the transmission can also be manually shifted. [80] nissan [ edit ]

The nissan GT-R’s rear transaxle six-speed dual-clutch transmission also contains the differential for the car’s all-wheel drive (AWD) system. Much of the dual-clutch system was engineered by borgwarner, [11] partnered with nissan’s gearbox supplier aichi machine industry, and weighs a total installed mass of 117 kg (258 lb). [81] [82] code named the GR6, the transmission is quite durable in that it is able to hold in excess of 600 lb⋅ft (810 N⋅m) of torque.How much will housing benefit pay for private rent nissan reports shift times of 150 milliseconds. [83] PSA peugeot citroën [ edit ]

PSA has dual-clutch transmission, produced by getrag, in its peugeot 4007 and citroën C-crosser suvs, both based on the mitsubishi outlander. However, dual-clutch transmissions are never offered in other models. Porsche (VW GROUP) [ edit ]

Porsche AG offers a series production [44] of two new longitudinally installed, ZF friedrichshafen AG designed and built with porsche [45] [48] 7DT wet-clutch versions [44] of its previously race-only [6] [48] porsche doppelkupplungsgetriebe [48] (PDK) transmission.

The first variant, the 7DT-45, [44] is used on its 2009 997 carrera and carrera S models. [3] [45] [84] [85] this version is also offered on the 2009 cayman, [3] [44] boxster [3] [44] it uses a ZF sachs ND2015 clutch pack, [44] and has a torque handling capacity of 500 N⋅m (369 lbf⋅ft). [44] A higher torque version of the same transmission, the 7DT-70, [44] is also available for the 2010 911 turbo. [44] [86] this is rated at 780 N⋅m (575 lbf⋅ft), [44] and uses a different ZF sachs clutch—the ND2216. [44]

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The second PDK variant, the 7DT-75, [44] is available on the 2009 panamera and 2014 macan. [3] [44] [48] [87] this is constructed fundamentally differently from the 7DT-45/7DT-70 versions; in that the internal shafts are mounted above the input shaft, so as to achieve a lower centre of gravity for the panamera and macan. [44] it also uses just one oil circuit, [44] whereas the 7DT-45/7DT-70 use two separate circuits; [44] with very different specifications of fluids needed. [44]

Both variants use seven forward speeds, [3] [46] [84] and porsche claim the doppelkupplung PDK transmission will replace the outgoing conventional tiptronic automatic transmissions. [45] [84] however, other reliable industry sources state that porsche still intends to use conventional automatics; with the eight-speed ZF 8HP being cited. [44] like all dcts, the porsche PDK transmission is fundamentally two separate manual transmissions in one. [3] with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th gears and reverse available on one shaft, [3] and 2nd, 4th, and 6th gears available on the other shaft. [3] [88]

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Porsche claims noteworthy improvements in CO 2 emissions of around 15% when comparing DCT installations against its former automatic transmission, [44] of which half can be directly attributed to the DCT. [44] when compared directly with a manual transmission, 16% improvement can be directly attributed to the DCT. [44] qoros [ edit ]

Getrag received the first order for its dual clutch transmission 6DCT250 from qoros automotive co., ltd, an independent JV carmaker in china. Attributes of the transmission include easy shifting, reduced fuel consumption compared to conventional automatic transmissions, and flexibility and functionality in hybrid applications. Start of production is planned for 2013 in the getrag plant nanchang. In addition to the six speed manual transmissions getrag will supply to qoros, the dual clutch transmission 6DCT250 will be applied to the first car under qoros brand, which will meet all european standards and be exported to western european markets. [89] renault [ edit ]

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A different type of dual-clutch transmission has been used in some railcars. The two clutches are placed one on the gearbox input shaft and the other on the gearbox output shaft. To make a gear change, both clutches disengage simultaneously and a brake inside the gearbox engages. The gearchange occurs with all gears stationary, so no synchronizing mechanism is needed. After the gear change, both clutches re-engage. There is a significant break in power transmission, so this system is unsuitable for shunting locomotives. References [ edit ]