EPF Rules – 10 hidden things about Employee Provident Fund phone number housing benefit

If i will complete the 10 years of service in the current organization and after that I again complete the 10 years of service so total 20 years, so the pension EMI will be continue for this 20 years or it will close after 10 years?

My name is kripal i am from hyderabad . My father is no more i check today while i was found some paper regarding pf account i found some information there is a some around 80000 in my father account but company which he was working has changehow can i withdraw pf i have no document .I dont know where he kept the paper about company details how can i withdraw pf in this regards please help my contact number 9299902969 i am an handicap person that is my uncle number please help us for god sake. There is no food at home .

1. I switched my job in 2013, at that time I opted to transfer my PF account to new employer, after around 6 months the employee and employers contribution amt were transferred correctly to my account however the amt that was diverted to pension fund was not transferred and I could not see that amt even now in my account, can you please confirm what could be the reason ?Phone number housing benefit

2. I am planning to switch the job again, so in all I am holding the PF account from last 4.5 yrs and now wanted to withdraw the amount, will there be any TDS deductions if I opt for withdrawal of the PF amt?

I have one query can you please tell me the process. I have been working since 2007 in an organisation, PF started from 2008 and its going on. Completed almost 7 years and before this job I was also worked 6 years in other company, having PF after resigned I claimed EPF only and I have scheme certificate, in existing company created new PF account. I have 2 accounts now I want to club old EPS balance to new EPS account. Is it possible ? Can I get pension ? As I completed almost 13 years.

I started my carrer with A company. And after that i joined B company they alloted a UAN number,but unfortunately i quit the job and after some time i joined in c ,but while i am joining i did not give information about the b company name to current employer.Phone number housing benefit

Can i ask to my current employeer to create new UAN and pf account ,becuase if reveal my UAN to my current company ,they will ask me about B company .If i say why i quit the job ,again i am in trouble .

If i say like this i dont have uan or pf account .What are the consquences i have to face in the future.Is there any chance for my employeer to know about the prevois uan ,pf details through UAN database I am not thinking about the pf money .I am thinking about the job

I left my job after completing 25 months of service and it was my first job and applied for PF transfer and when i calculate my PF amount till the time of leaving the job it comes to 24248 along with EPF and EPS, however when the amount is transferred and when i check the same it is just reflecting as 20217. So where is the remaining amount i am unable to calculate the same.Phone number housing benefit

Last month I have requested for PF passbook through member portal and this month I am able to download the PDF file where all the details are mentioned about my account. I am working from last 5 years in current organization and this is my third company. In second company I worked 3 years and transferred my PF into this current organization PF account, so 8 year balance available in my current PF account. I have gone through your information and also with some of the question/answers flow. Following is the example for my closing balance as per the passbook. Employee share: 200000 employer share: 142000 pension fund: 31000

5. In my first company I worked only 4 months (after left the job within one year this company was shut down due to loss) and as per salary slip PF also deducted hence I went PF office to withdraw that amount but as per them the account is not online for this company and they are not able to find out the my record, amount may be around 5K hence how can I withdrawal this amount?Phone number housing benefit company ka to diwala nikal gaya so now no one is belong to this company. Please your advice really appreciated.

I worked for an organisation for exactly 12 years and resigned. Now when I am trying to withdraw my EPF and EPS amount, I came to know that I am not eligible to withdraw my EPS amount till I reach the age of 58 since my employer has contributed EPS for more then 10 years. Now my questions are:

3. Suppose I wait till I attain 58 years, then what is the process to withdraw the EPS amount. Do I still need to route my withdrawal application through my last employer? What if my last employer cease to exist at that point in time?

5. Under such a circumstance can I choose to withdraw my EPF and transfer my EPS once I get a new job? What will be the process then, what all forms need to be submitted and whom do I route it through?Phone number housing benefit

When I sent the withdrawl form, today I got a call from my previous employer office, that as I am employed in another psu, and that too through proper channel, they can only transfer my pf amount and cant withdraw it. Please can you help me out with this, as the amount is urgently required by me… thanks… sumeetkumar…

I had presently joined a start up company which are planning to start EPF from april, previous to present employment I had given application in to transfer my PF account in my previous 3 company when I had joined the company. Unfortunately none of them transferred the account from previous company, is there any possibility to transfer the amount from three EPF account opened in my previous companies to new EPF. ( note : I have 1 EPF account in mumbai and 2 other EPF account in chennai, also these 3 EPF account are less than a year old ).Phone number housing benefit

I withdraw my EPF from the previous employment and I also received money direct to my bank a/c from EPF office. As you said above that employer contribution of EPF one can withdraw, so please tell that whatever amount I got from the EPF office it was only the employer contribution, is my contribution remains there? If yes, than should I transfer it to my current organisation. And whats the procedure of transfer? Is there any requirement of previous company in case of transfer.

Thanks manish for such an excellent and informative article. Indeed one of the most required information for one who is not too deep into EPF and that too so simplified. This is really wonderful. However I have a few questions:-

– will that also require to return the loan or advance taken with any interest accrue on it or it would simply mean that the amount taken will be deducted from the overall corpus of EPF and later on at the time of withdrawal that will be adjusted.Phone number housing benefit

– for marriage, education self or of children and sibling when it is said 50% of “your” contribution then does that mean the contribution of employee only or the whole of EPF amount including employer contribution.

Point 5.- you mentioned in my post that withdrawing EPF amount after 5 years will attract tax but in response to the post done by ARUL / SAURABH above in the post there was a mention that after withdrawing EPF after 5 years it will tax exempted. Please clarify.

1. As per table D what will be the definition of a “COMPLETED YEAR”. Anything above 6 months will be considered as a year or less than 6 months would also be a year, like 6 years 3 months will be 7 years or it will be 6 years only for calculation of pension.

2. If someone has a break in a job, let’s say after 6 years of employment he/she becomes a entrepreneur and runs the business for 2 years but never withdrew the EPF + EPS amount.Phone number housing benefit after that again joins a company and works for another 5 years. In this situation will he/she be entitled to pension after 58 as he/she was not employed for 2 years in between and didn’t had any contributions to EPF+EPS although her overall tenure for service accounts to more than 10 years without any withdrawal of any EPF+EPS amount.

3. For partial withdrawal for replaying a housing loan upto 36 times of “WAGES”. Out here wages means basic + D.A. Or the gross / net salary p.M. ( I am assuming it to be per month ) because there are people at senior levels whose basic + D.A. Could be around rs. 1 lakh so does that mean that they could withdraw upto 36 lakhs at that time.

5. If an employee continuously worked for 11 years in a single company and had regular contributions in the EPF account but after that either something unfortunate happened to him/her OR in case he became handicapped and incapable of work for the rest of the life then in both the cases either his/her family OR he/she will be eligible for pension after attaining the age of 58.Phone number housing benefit

6. I have read on one of the forums that in an X company there were 5 employees who at the time of joining had a basic less than 6500 so they had a PF account and have contributions but with due course of time their basic went above 6500 so the company stopped deducting PF from their salaries and depositing the same. Is it correct and legal?

You can either withdraw them all or transfer them , anyone is fine . BUt the point is how easy it will be for you to do that now , because you will need some kind of signatures from all the employers to transfer or withdraw, while there is a workaround to not involve the employers and get it transferred or withdraw it would involve taking signatures from some gazzated officers , will write about it very soon .