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Well when I got my first medal, my name was spelled wrong on the citation, and 3 first sergeants later the last one finally got it fixed. The first two pretty much told me to fuck off. While on deployment, I hit a guy in self defense after he laid hands on me, and I waived my right to a lawyer, thinking that they would have my back.How can i apply for housing benefit

wrong. Blanket punishment and lors all around.

But mainly my entire career I’ve been treated like shit for no fucking reason and I just feel like I’m done with it. I’ve always outperformed my peers at quality of work, amount, and just general motivation, but I’ve never had a supervisor who wasn’t trying to change the air force one EPR at a time. I get rated how the air force wants people to be truly rater, and I’ve done fairly well. A 4, two 5s, and soon to be another 4. (unless I take a clep, my rater can’t ‘justify’ a 5. Yes those are his words) my only problem with this is that all the other ncos just rate all of their airman 5s no matter what, and nothing I do to strive ahead will put me their, because the EPR system is fucking shit, and based on personal opinion from person to person.

Lack of supervision and overall mentorship have also severely bothered me.How can i apply for housing benefit I’ve pretty much only had a supervisor on paper, ever. Like 2 feedbacks in 4 years here, and always being on the opposite shift, deployed at different times, but never one that has made a serious attempt to look out for me or have my back.

Bonus story – quick backstory, my supervision NEVER puts people in for awards like airman of the month, quarter, etc. On occasion they are forced to and pretty much just pick a person last minute. Well on to the story, I had been on an awesome shift with a great NCO and we were fixing problems lefts and right on a daily basis like nothing. Well my rater is told he has to submit someone for airman of the quarter. Well long story short, this piece of shit who was the most socially awkward person you can imagine, who couldn’t do his job for jack shit won. My NCO won also. Then this fucking kid won at the GROUP level, and everyone and their mother is asking me how that was even possible.How can i apply for housing benefit well the NCO on shift with me let me know that per the recommendation from one of our worthless, scumbag, arts, he put that kid up for it. How did he win all the way to the group? His package was comprised of everything I had done over the last several months. To this day, nearly 5 years in, I have never been put up for a monthly, quarterly, yearly award.

I have been a shift lead for the better part of the last 2.5 years, and over the last several months I’ve actually started to feel like I’m getting heavily burnt out for the first time in my career. I’ve arrived at work at least a minimum of 30 minutes early, always done what’s asked of me, bent and broken rules to get jobs done faster for the overall mission, and I just don’t see the point in trying anymore. None of my efforts have ever translated into success against my peers, even the ones who are absolutely fucking awful, and I’ve never felt so unmotivated or down in my career as I do right now, and I don’t see the point anymore.How can i apply for housing benefit I can’t stand the thought of trying so hard anymore, only to fail because of things out of my control.

Well I can get payed double what I do starting in my career field. I know what you are about to say, but ravinac, what about all the wonderful benefits the AF provides you with. Well /u/whoeveraskedthat, they are gutting our benefits left and right. They are tightening down on TA, which is one of the major reason in many people joining. They are talking about cutting tricare. They are gutting our deployment entitlements and BAH.

That’s just the benefits, I haven’t even scratched the surface on how the AF is actually run. I swear at least half of leadership is incompetent. Every month I have to waste at least 10 hours, usually more, with some stupid lecture on how awesome we are and how we need to start doing less with more.How can i apply for housing benefit meanwhile my office is swimming in tickets that we had to take from the contractors because they are incompetent and let them build up to over 100 waiting in the que. Also they are moving into our building but can’t be bothered to setup their own equipment, so we have to take people out of our man to set things up for them. Most of the time we don’t even have the the correct equipment to do our damn jobs. We put in a request for new external hard drives, and they got denied. Instead we got several packs of cdroms.

Then we have the volunteer hours. I am expected to sacrifice my valuable time that is constantly being eaten away by work already, to go do volunteer hours somewhere. Now don’t get me wrong, volunteering is good and I think it’s important, but I don’t think it should be part of my job rating. I can put in 50 hours of volunteer work with place X, but when my awards package gets sent up, I get beat by someone who did 10 hours at place Y, because apparently there is a right and wrong place to volunteer.How can i apply for housing benefit

Idk, I may just be butthurt and venting because I got called in yesterday morning to fix someone elses mistake and didn’t get off till 2130, and I found out that the person that made the huge fuck up got a free comp day because he is a brown nosing little shit.