Frequently Asked Questions _ Indiana University Southeast apply for housing benefit

When a student or parent has special circumstances that significantly change their available income for the current or coming year the financial aid office may be able to make additional allowances when income drops because of job loss or reduction in pay, returning to school, marital status changing from married to widowed, divorced or separated, a parent returns to college, or when certain expenses exceed the amount already allowed for in the federal financial aid formula. This may increase the student’s eligibility for aid if the student does not already have a $0 EFC (expected family contribution, as determined by the FAFSA).

If you have had extraordinary expenses in the areas of housing, food, transportation, educational expenses (including computer or instrument purchase), childcare or medical expenses, or if you have another unusual expense not listed here, contact the financial aid office to determine if you would benefit from filing an appeal.How can i apply for housing benefit

what is the deadline?

Appeals will be reviewed by the special circumstances appeals committee and the student notified of the result within 30 days of submission. Adjustments requiring a FAFSA correction must be approved by the U.S. Department of education before aid can be adjusted. Students can view their financial aid package at any time through one.IU’s financial aid information application. Appeals that will have no affect on aid will be closed without a ruling and the student will be notified.

Currently work-study amounts are set to generally support 10 hours per week of work. If you have questions about the amount you received, please contact our office at financialaid@ius.Edu. Why didn’t I get a work-study award?

There could be various reasons. Students who are eligible for federal work study, and have selected that they are interested in federal work study on the FAFSA, are offered an award.How can i apply for housing benefit you may not have an award because you don’t qualify. This is a need-based award, so your qualification depends on the information on your FAFSA. You may not have an award because you have received so many other awards you have no budget left for this award. We may still be able to give you an award by reducing your loan or increasing your budget if you qualify. When you ask for an award we automatically check these options and ask you what you prefer. If you do not have an award, and would like to be reviewed for work-study eligibility, please email us at financialaid@ius.Edu. I had an award but now it’s gone, or has been reduced. What happened?

Either we had to cancel or reduce it because you had more financial aid than your budget would allow (this happens sometimes after students drop classes) or we cancelled it because you did not accept your award and we have students waiting for those awards.How can i apply for housing benefit we always send out a reminder via your IU e-mail before cancelling your award for non-acceptance. If your award was cancelled and now you want it back, just request a new work-study award. Also, once a student is hired, you will see the award description change and sometimes the amount increased. This is normal. Do I have to claim my work-study earnings on my tax return?

Yes, and you’ll receive a W-2 in january for your taxes, but when you fill out your FAFSA next year remember to report the amount you earned from this year’s W-2 on the FAFSA’s question regarding additional financial information – taxable earnings from work-study . . . So it won’t count as an asset when your financial aid eligibility is calculated. When can I work and how many hours?

Students with a work-study job generally can begin work about a week before the first day of fall semester and can work until about a week past finals in spring.How can i apply for housing benefit exact dates are at the top of the page. Students can work up to 20 hours per week when class is in session and up to 40 during breaks or in special circumstances, however, your award will probably only cover about 10 hours per week if you work all year. No overtime is allowed. Your award looks like it is split evenly between fall and spring semester, but if you are attending spring semester you don’t have to worry about limiting your fall earnings to that amount. Just be sure your total earnings don’t exceed your award by the last day you can work (dates are posted at the very top of this page). Use the award tracking sheet available in our forms section (under workstudy). My employer told me I couldn’t study during my job!

That’s right. This is a real job and you are expected to work, not study, surf, text or any other personal activity while you are on duty.How can i apply for housing benefit some employers give students permission to study if their job has down time while the student mans a desk or phone, but this is rare. Work-study doesn’t really mean you can study instead of work. Sorry! What about summer work-study?

Federal summer work-study is not always available. When available, it is awarded first to continuing students enrolled in summer classes who already have a work-study job. Employers or students should notify financial aid that they want summer work study as soon as they finish registering for summer classes. IU southeast has limited work-study funds, so summer work-study employment is not guaranteed. My employer won’t let me off to study and was mad when I took this morning off to do my project!

Students know usually at the beginning of the semester when their tests and projects are going to be due.How can i apply for housing benefit if you want extra time off to prepare for a test or project do not wait until the day of or the day before to ask for time off and definitely do not just fail to show up for your job. You may find when you return that you have been fired! Your employer is counting on you, and your procrastination is no reason to expect them to give you time off. They are required to work around your class schedule only. Most employers can and will give you time off to study if you ask ahead, but don’t plan on taking off whenever you want. I want to change to a different work-study position. What do I do?

If you have already found another position on campus or at an authorized off-campus location, contact financial aid for the required forms. You cannot switch work-study jobs without prior authorization. Talk to your current employer about the change.How can i apply for housing benefit remember, this is a real job. Communication with your employer is very, very important. Can I have more than one work-study job?

Yes, you can. If your first work-study employer cannot give you enough hours within the semester for you to earn all of your award, you can apply for a second job. Notify the financial aid office immediately if you are hired in a second job. You must split your award between both jobs and be sure you do not earn more than your award in either job. I’m having trouble with my employer. What do I do?