Hootsuite review 2019 7 reasons not use hootsuite

MusterPoint was created in 2012 specifically for the public sector and emergency services. The founder, Christine Townsend, has a lot of experience in communicating in this space. With that in mind, MusterPoint takes into account the unique challenges for such organisations – that need to be publicly accountable or responsible for emergency comms.

It provides in-depth audit and accountability and is very flexible in terms charging a small amount per user. It’s perfect for small cash-strapped teams and large-scale organisations wanting to communicate en masse. It also supports collaboration between different agencies and supports excellent knowledge sharing protocols meaning both private and public sector organisations can seamlessly integrate their social media.

MusterPoint integrates with Twitter and Facebook, and has a media management functionality, allowing organisations to log media enquiries, publish press releases and track issues. It’s been built with the public affairs communicator in mind. In addition to the software, MusterPoint also provides crisis communications and exercise simulation training.

Thanks, Maria. So glad you found this article helpful. Things have changed over the years, and more social media management tools offer direct publishing to Instagram. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Agorapulse all now offer direct publishing to Instagram. I am in the middle of updating this article and hope to give more information on which Hootsuite alternatives offer this. And as Praval mentions, Zoho Social also offers direct publishing to Instagram. The main issue you’ll find is finding a tool with a free or low price. Hootsuite might work for you since they offer a free plan. But it does have its disadvantages. Sprout is very expensive – their cheapest plan is now $99/user/month. Agorpulse is better value for money than Sprout, but it may still be more than your budget allows. Definitely check out Zoho, since their prices are a little lower. Also, check out ContentCal. I am not sure if they have Instagram direct publishing, but I think it may be coming soon. I’ll check with them for you.

Thankyou for your previous response. I have just signed into the free version of hootsuite and have connected 3 social mediums and it is just so slow and will not even allow me to add a second photo. I friend told me about hootsuite so I thought I would check it out before using it for business. Although easy to set up(relatively) but just trying to add a second photo to post of 2 facebook pages & 1 instragram(ie. 3 social mediums I thought I would try) from where it says ‘choose to upload files’ , it loaded the first picture, but it will not allow a second picture to upload. Therefore based on this, either hootsuite is very basic(can only load one picture), or corrupts easily, is very slow, or not user friendly. As an Accountant, I have usually found if the basic version has difficulty then the upgrades tend to follow suite eventually. I would like an answer before I would like to try venturing to any other type of version of hootsuite. I do not want to do a trial period on the other upgrades as I would like to see if the basic version works first. Kristine