How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child_ are students entitled to housing benefit

I think this list falls short. One little thing that I have a problem with before my rant is that my little brother has eaten twice as much as I have since he was born. $500 difference may not be entirely accurate for food.

If you are going to upgrade from a house or apartment for two to a house where kids are going to be, it’ll be a lot more than just $46k. Extra bedroom space, area to play in, decent backyard, not to mention *location*. If you’re childfree it doesn’t matter where you live – when you have kids it’s necessary to live closer to schools, parks, unless you don’t mind your kid being at home cooped up all day, live in a generally safer area. And don’t forget this all increases property taxes. Of course, this wouldn’t apply per child – just the first, plus however much it costs for an extra bedroom for each additional child.Are students entitled to housing benefit

I’ve only dealt with shelter in that column. I don’t imagine furniture is too much of an expense, especially later on. Drawers, bed mirror, desk, crib, nightstand, lamps and a few extra shelves can’t cost too much considering it’s sufficient to assume furniture is a one time expense. 1-2k maybe? Tops for 18 years?

Household operations – I’m assuming general maintenance, electricity, gas, hydro, any kind of repairs, cleaning supplies, tools to fix stuff maybe? … I have no idea how much this would cost, but all of these would increase with children in the house, and seeing as the chart is probably over budget, I’m not going guess.

Next column, child care. Assuming it’s a cheap babysitter working at $5 an hour 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that’s $10k a year assuming only 40 hours of care a week is necessary, and 2 weeks of vacation time to take care of the kid.Are students entitled to housing benefit way over budget.

Transportation. I’m not sure how much my parents paid for my transportation when I was younger, but they always paid for my TTC metro pass, which was $99 a month so I could travel to school on my own. For 10 school months, that’s already $1k, not including when they would drive me places on occasion, and month for bus tickets during the summer. From 13-18, would be roughly 5k-6k in public transportation alone. This one is only slightly over budget, but then factor in the cost of family-suited gas guzzlers compared to more environmentally friend, cheap cars.

I’m not sure what the RRGS section would cost. Some of my friends went to private schools that were $10,000 for only 4 years (high school). Recreation was a huge thing for me. I was in piano, swim, soccer, dance/ballet all at once for a few years, then took up softball for only a year.Are students entitled to housing benefit my brother also participated in these things, except he had a tutor instead of going to ballet because he wasn’t it and need help with math. I really respect and am grateful for my mother pushing us to try a bit of everything – I have a love for piano, an appreciation for dance, and a job because of swim. I honestly think that parents should enrol their kids in at least one sport, and at least one activity like instruments, or crafts. It’s physically and mentally healthy. It’s not necessary, of course – you’re kid can grow up to be just fine without all of that, but you’re going to have a kid, I personally think you should make sure you do all you can to better their live, and activities such as this bring them happiness, well being, dreams, and also keeps them out of trouble.

Clothing can’t be just $1000 a year for teens… I mean, not unless they wear the same 15 outfits all the time, or unless they shop wholesale?Are students entitled to housing benefit the price for boys must also be a little higher since they grow a lot. And the price goes up in colder environments I’m sure, for suitable winter clothes.

– having kids means you’re going to have to dedicate less time to your job, as it should be – kids need and deserve attention, and if you’re going to bring them into this world, I think you should be prepared to give it. Anyway, less time to your job, more sick days, spending your vacation days or sick days looking after them, and not being flexible in terms of being able to stay late or handle special projects probably makes parents far less likely to be promoted. How can this list possibly take that into account?

And I can tell you right now that less than a quarter of the kids at my high school had jobs when I graduated. In fact, not even a lot of my friends at university have them.Are students entitled to housing benefit I had a part time job, only 4 hours a week, short shift, but I honestly don’t think it’s necessary that they get one. University is so much work, I’m glad I enjoyed my childhood. Granted, I wouldn’t have as big of a loan as I do now, but, oh well. Reply