How to calculate your CPP retirement pension how can i apply for housing benefit

Doug runchey worked for the income security programs branch of human resources and skills development canada for more than 32 years, and was a specialist in the canada pension plan and old age security legislation, regulations and policy areas. He now runs his own company, DR pensions consulting, which provides pension advice, including detailed calculations for CPP retirement planning and “credit splitting” purposes. Doug can be reached by email @ [email protected] or check out his website at http://www.Drpensions.Ca/.

3. I have max pensionable earning for all the years since I came to canada, my husband has much less income and sometime parttime after we have the second child, who should claim CRP in this case to max. The CPP?

I have lived in canada, worked and contributed to CPP for about 19 years.

I had an opportunity overseas and am currently working in switzerland.How can i apply for housing benefit I just turned 60 in december 2014. I plan to continue to work in europe for about four more years. Should I apply now (or as early as possible) for my CPP, or should I wait until after my retirement? Please advise.

Regardless of when I should claim CPP, I would like to have an idea about the amount of my pension payout and would be interested in your assistance for the calculations after I request a copy of my CPP statement of contributions form service canada. What would the fee be?

Assuming that the maximum retirement pension payment amount does not increase in future years, and that it is independent of age(?), the fact that my expected monthly CPP payment already equals the maximum amount suggests that it would be strongly disadvantageous for me to postpone the commencement of my CPP past age 65; i.E. The monthly payments would not be allowed to grow above the maximum amount, and during the deferral period I would miss out on all the monthly payments that I would have received had I not deferred commencement of CPP past age 65.How can i apply for housing benefit

Terry, just a note, you will also want to apply for GIS. Processing times stated on website are a joke. It suggests three months before your birthday. In actual fact processing times are 20+ weeks. (mine has been over 6 months) talk to a person 6 months before your birthday and see what is happening then. Also ask for a form that re-assesses your GIS based on your new lower amount of income. Then find out if they can be submitted together, I was told to wait until i started to recieve GIS which I was doing, then i was told to send in the form, this ended up causing a delay in my original GIS application.

I’ve just received my first CPP retirement pension payment in june and the spreadsheet made from the information you provided to me confirmed they had done the calculations correctly and this has given me ‘peace of mind’ that I am receiving the right pension.How can i apply for housing benefit

As mentioned in my post last year, the information on the CPP site as well as the information I received in telephone conversations with CPP agents was incorrect and so I was concerned about not receiving the correct pension. Fortunately their computers got the numbers right and so again, thank you for giving me the information to confirm I am getting the right pension.