How to Stay on Top of GI Bill Benefits – VAntage Point housing benefit telephone number

My comment is in reference to the cut in BAH during the break between terms, mine having been for one month and not receiving BAH payments for that period leaves me nothing to pay my rent for the month of september having only receive payment for 3 days of aug. In the amount of 40.00 yet, we are expected to keep grades up and have no worries, and being a full time student, resuming classes in september behind in rent and no other funds is expected to remain focused on my studies.

I will be behind in my rent because of this cut, in addition will not see a BAH payment until october for the month of september, did congress take any of these things into consideration when they decided to change the rules of the game in the middle of the game? I think NOT…how about we talk about how this has created more harm than good!!!Housing benefit telephone number

I’m in the same boat my friend. Isnt the whole point of the GI bill to make it easier on the veteran to attend school and alleviate some of the financial stress of getting an education? When the chapter 33 was introduced I was excited that I might actually be able to attend school full time and not have to worry about how I’m going to live once school is over, but stopping the break pay has not only put me behind in my bills, but it has also introduced a great deal of shame at at being behind and the added stress of knowing that I will most likely be evicted come next break. I hope the support system for homeless vets is better than that of vets trying to succeed in life by getting an education

As long as I have served the guard after 30 years, I find the 9/11 was cut-off during the first move to kuwait in may 1999.Housing benefit telephone number what is sad about 9/11, it wants to limit how much of what is given. As the widow, I could not use my GI montgomery bill because I dealt with four children and suicide plus, dealing with a child who tried the same, and added to that pulled extra duty to make ends meet. Sadder still, I was cut short on the 9/11 bill when I pulled title 10 duty prior and after for the 2003 year. All record but still dealing with the lack of responsibility with command poor decisions. It is not always the individual that is having to prove needs. People are chosen over those who need, over those who just want.

You can stay on top of you benefits all day long, as I have always done, but that does not guarantee that you school or the VA will follow through in a timely manner with correct paperwork on there end. If it is not one it is the other.Housing benefit telephone number I have been in school full-time for four semesters now, and there is always someone on either side getting something jacked up. Now, “thank you obama”, our benefits are getting screwed with again. I love how the government rewards lazy people, who have no care or concern for an education or future, and punishes those who work diligently for their rewards and benefits. If I didn’t have my head screwed on straight then I would not have been able to continue with school. Fortunately for me, after missing bill payments, accruing late charges and etc….., and despite my efforts to vigorously “stay on top of things”, I learned who my friends really were. If it were not for all the people, who have seen how hard I work and that these benefits are more often times a burden, helping me financially….Then I would not make it through each semester.Housing benefit telephone number by the way…..I have finally reached my AS degree with a 4.0, honor student, transferring to a university with scholarships that do me no good financially “thank you again obama. Why don’t you think about educating all these people you are going to provide jobs for?”