Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Adequate Housing_ A Global Overview _ Treaty _ Ratification can you still get housing benefit while working

A preliminary effort to identify whether, and to what extent, indigenous peoples enjoy the right to adequate housing in different regions of the world. Includes seven case studies on the status of housing for indigenous peoples – in practice and in law – and reviews policies and programmes aimed at addressing their disadvantage. Includes a comprehensive set of recommendations on improving the housing and living conditions of indigenous peoples, and calls for further attention to be given to this critical human rights concern.

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(habitat agenda, paragraph 14). In the course of the international decade of the world’s indigenous people (1995-2004), the international community has taken important steps towards addressing the disadvantage of indigenous peoples and contributing to improvements in their living conditions.Can you still get housing benefit while working the general assembly in proclaiming the decade called for international cooperation to develop solutions to problems faced by indigenous peoples and adopted the slogan “indigenous people – partnership in action”. The present collaboration between UN- HABITAT and the office of the high commissioner for human rights (OHCHR) is a part of the growing effort of the united nations system to work together to incorporate indigenous rights and interests i nto their programmes. The right to adequate housing has been recognized in article 11 of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights and in other international instruments. Having a secure place to live, is one of the funda- mental elements for human dignity, physical and mental health and overall quality of life, which enables one’s development.Can you still get housing benefit while working against this backdrop, in 2002, the commission on human rights appointed an independent special rapporteur on adequate housing, whose mandate is to focus on the realization of adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, worldwide. To support the efforts by governments, the civil society and the national human rights institutions towards the full and progressive realization of the right to adequate housing, UN-HABITAT and OHCHR established the united nations housing rights programme (UNHRP) in 2002, under which the present research project has been realized. As part of the efforts to promote the full and progressive realization of the right to adequate housing globally, the particular concerns of indigenous peoples – their generally poor housing situation, their vulnerability as groups affected by displacement, the insecurity of tenure they often have over their traditional homelands, and the culturally inappropriate housing alternatives offered by the authorities – have emerged repeatedly as important issues.Can you still get housing benefit while working indi- genous peoples themselves have called upon the united nations to recognize and respect their rights to lands and resources, a right that would assure them the basis for adequate and appropriate housing and living conditions. The present report, “indigenous peoples’ right to adequate housing – A global overview”, is a preliminary effort to identify whether, and to what