Is quadrigacx the best choice to buy and sell_ _ bitcoinca bitcoin char

Is quadrigacx the best choice to buy and sell_ _ bitcoinca bitcoin char

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You’ve missed the principle issue. If you don’t ALREADY have an account with quadrigacx that is FULLY VERIFIED then you CANNOT use quadrigacx right now. Your verification will take 2+ months lol. People trying to praise quadriga onto new people are just wasting those people’s time (and money, assuming the dip we’re in goes back up) over the next 2+ months. I can’t be clear enough about this: quadrigacx is the best IF YOU HAVE A VERIFIED ACCOUNT ALREADY.Bitcoin char if you don’t and want to get in right now, you HAVE NO CHOICE but to go elsewhere. Saying ”they’re the best” won’t change that. It won’t make them verify people waiting since december any faster. It CERTAINLY won’t help people just applying NOW get verified before feb / march. I see this all over the place but people don’t realize that quadriga just ISN’T AN OPTION. You sign up, you send your verification documents to ”get in line” and you fund elsewhere until quadriga gets their act together. That’s how it works for newcomers.

Now, that said, going to coinbase to get the most COIN for your dollar, switching to gdax for FREE since coinbase owns it, and then moving it to quadriga for premium value on your already owned coin is the best way right now to maximize your CAD unless another exchange steps up / quadriga wakes up.Bitcoin char if that ever happens, then I will be 100% waving the quadriga flag and high fiving you lol.

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I use caps because about 20 pages-worth on just about every forum related to quadriga doesn’t seem to be enough for people to realize new users aren’t getting their verifications.

In case you’ve missed it, crypto has changed A LOT in the last year, mainly because the speed at which things change / improve / evolve in the crypto world -lets just call this whole package ”crypto time”- goes by MUCH faster than ”real time” if we’re comparing it to other markets. 2 months in crypto time is closer to 2 years. Proof? Just look at 2 months ago. We saw bitcoin jump up 8k and back down again lol. Telling people ”oh, just wait on quadriga’s completely non-existant verification team lul” simply isn’t an option and while I’m assuming you already have a verified quadrigacx account, I can guarantee you that if you didn’t, you would be looking for an alternative way to get in too.Bitcoin char it’s actually a bit frustrating to hear people act like (in my opinion) hypocrites in that way when I see you replying with this nonsense to posts that are actually helpful and providing a solution to the problem.

EDIT: once more for clarity, the canadian procedure right now is to 1) sign up and submit verification docs to quadrigacx and 2) go fund somewhere else to not miss out on the next x months of events until quadrigacx gets their act together.

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That’s a gross over assumption about people in general though. Some may just want to put in 50$ for the sake of seeing how different things impact the market. How to move that 50$ around. Learning by trial and error with an insignificant amount is often a great way to see exactly what would’ve happend with your future ”real” amount.Bitcoin char hell, I’m a banker and started out with smaller amounts for the pure sake of research (I intend to be a project lead should banks ever adopt a positive policy towards crypto). Signed up for just about every single exchange JUST to see the hidden fees you pay at the end of the day (which ultimately led to my post explaining why coinbase’s fees were in fact some of the cheapest due to coin prices and the premium you are awarded once moved elsewhere with higher coin prices).

Am I too, some hamstrung idiot that needed to get in at that particular instant? Absolutely not. Tons of people are seeing the dip right now and were actually WAITING for such a dip to get in. Unfortunately for them, so many people are out here shilling quadrigacx and pretending like there’s any chance of people getting verified when forum upon forum confirm the complete opposite that they now need a new alternative to move their money in.Bitcoin char

Bottom line? If you walk into my office and ask me for a solution to your problem, you’d be pretty damn pissed if I answered ”lul no, just wait for your problem to not be a problem anymore in a few months” instead of giving you an actual solution right now. What’s more, you’d be raging out of your mind if I DID provide you with a solution but then some other twat walked in and said that instead (which is what you did above).

You would be correct to mention quadrigacx had it never been mentioned ever. Sure. The thing is that people know to get signed up and ”in line” for verification. That doesn’t solve the issue of wanting to get in right now.

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Noobs dont need help man, they need to help themselves.

The best thing for people who can’t deal with verification is to give up.Bitcoin char vast majority of people in this space are dead weight. What is the point of onboarding all these people that really have no use for crypto? Make the price rise? Seems very ponzi.

Limit the amount of suffering for all involved. The people freaking out about verification now are the same ones that will be freaking out about not being able to withdraw later.

The signal to noise ratio has never been worse, and it’s because of the amount of people getting involved who really shouldn’t. It’s a long road. If you can’t wait for verification you don’t have the patience for the rest of it.

If any of this crypto shit turns into something that plebs can use, it will come to them.

Also calling bullshit on noobs who just want to put in $50 and play around. There are testnets and paper trading for a reason. These fools are just trying to make an easy buck and are showing their true character by freaking out over it not being easy enough.Bitcoin char

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