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Tutorial to make a secure wallet with a live bootable disk.

The asking price on ezbtc hasn’t been that high lately. Keep in mind also that there is no convenient way to buy BTC on quadriga if you don’t have interac online (you must visit your branch to do a wire) and coinsquare charges a 3.5% fee for e-transfer funding these days. EzBtc has free e-transfers. Sellers like myself know this and therefore know we have all the leverage.The price of bitcoin I’m in no rush to sell my bitcoins. I first bought into back when it was $735 canadian. I only sell when I can get a good price and then I go buy more for less!

Local bitcoins customers are the most annoying. They feel ENTITLED to my bitcoins and give me attitude when they won’t follow my terms of trade (to ensure that there is no fraud). You have to keep in mind that sellers in many cases have a bullish attitude towards bitcoin (especially if they already made their money and are not desperate)) and don’t want to part with their coins if they can’t buy them back cheaper in the near future. Especially if I suspect fraud (P2P sales), I’m not selling jack at any price. Had a rude customer from pakistan on localbitcoins neg me yesterday because I wouldn’t accept his obviously stolen canadian paysafecard.The price of bitcoin

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