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Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and AI are rapidly growing in popularity and drawing more and more attention in tech news. How does the data science world look today and how is this industry sector evolving? What types of activities are data scientists primarily involved in? What programming languages and tools are in use? To answer these and many other important questions, last spring JetBrains conducted a Data Science Survey collecting responses from over 1,600 data scientists living in the US, Europe, Japan, and China.

We distributed the survey via targeted ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

We filtered out those replying “I’m not involved in data analysis” with the first questions. In the US, Japan, and China, we collected 400 complete and valid sets of responses from each country, and we used quotas to get another 400 responses from European countries.

We couldn’t include all the potential findings in the report without it becoming bloated. If you have any specific questions that are unanswered, send them to us and we’ll dig into the data for you for an answer. Or if you want to delve into the data yourself, we’re also sharing the raw survey data, which anyone can use to arrive at their own conclusions and additional findings. PDF version of the infographic is also available if you’d like to print it out or read it as a file.

We hope the survey findings will help all of us better understand the current state of the Data Science community, see the big picture, and get answers to some of our burning questions. We’d be very interested to learn about your findings! Please share them on Twitter or other social media, mentioning @jetbrains‏ with the #datasciencesurvey hashtag. We’re also extremely open to any suggestions and feedback related to this survey so we can run an even better one next time.

As the study consisted of over 150 questions, it was impossible to cover them all in the Infographics. So now, same as last year, we are publishing the anonymized raw data from the survey. If you’re interested in discovering development trends, be our guest – go right ahead, dig deeper into the data, draw your own conclusions and glean additional insights like we did!

What kind of interesting facts did we dig up? Well, we found out that JetBrains customers code for 5 hours (21%) a week more on average than those who don’t use JetBrains tools! At the same time, they get 15 more minutes of sleep (that’s 5%) than the average coder. Fascinating stuff! Maybe it’s because JetBrains users love programming and sleeping, but programming more!

• The data-set includes all of the 13,000+ responses collected from January to April of 2018 from both JetBrains “internal” and “external” channels. By “external” channels we mean channels such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Adwords. By “internal” channels we mean JetBrains’ own communication channels such as our blog post, JetBrains Twitter accounts, JetBrains Facebook, and the JetBrains’ Internal Survey Panel. When comparing your own results with our Infographics results, please bear in mind that to minimize possible bias, the data of the Infographics include only responses coming from advertising (external channels).