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What if they are all scams or lies? To those asking these questions, I also have some simple and honest questions for you. What if you are wrong? What if it turns out to be true and a single little investment changes your entire financial life? Ask yourself those questions and I am sure you would definitely think twice and give it a try. Contact me today and let me gladly clear all your doubts and prove you WRONG. Don’ t be left behind.sign up for your free account now.

Many people have been mining and buying bitcoin and cryptocurrency with great success in 2017. Many of those people have been looking for a way to turn this digital currency into hard assets such as gold and silver.

People are realizing that with over 900 crypto coins listed already that this is causing saturation and inflation in itself. They are now looking for ways to get back out of Cryptocurrency. See the full list here.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cryptocurrencies People are now asking:

Through Karatbars International this is now really simple and can be done in a few simple clicks. *It is important to note that Karatbars does not accept Bitcoin and do not want Bitcoin. The payment processor that Karatbars uses accepts Bitcoin but pays Karatbars in Euros. Karatbars is about helping people turn fiat/cash/paper/digital currency into physical gold. Karatbars was founded in 2011 in Germany and now boasts over 500,000 accounts in 121 countries. Karatbars give the public the opportunity to turn devaluing fiat currency and Bitcoin into 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion. Not only do Karatbars offer the best prices for 0.1 gram up to 5 gram gold bullion but the company also offers free storage or FedEx insured delivery. Why small gold bars?

Money affects our daily lives and is necessary for survival. He who has a little wants more. Anyone who already has money wants to secure and protect it. But how? Take advantage of the secret of the wealthy – invest in something that will only gain value. Gold has been known since 2,600 years ago but was recognized only in ingot form for payments in 194 countries around the world. Gold is money.

Gold is and has been globally accepted in more than194 countries for centuries, thus establishing itself as a form of currency. In recent times, the importance of relocating assets into a more reliable form of investment with yielding results has been lost. Our current world banking system was created when the gold trade began – the gold would be deposited into banks and proof of the deposit was obtained in the form of a receipt in the amount of the stock. These receipts were the first unofficial banknotes of the world. The trading of bank notes was thus born and was quickly recognized by banks. So much so, that gold-deposited banknotes were playing an increasingly important role in society, which soon led to the first official notes being deposited with the gold ones. In today’s modern world, the monetary value of printed currency essentially has no value – meaning it is not backed? by gold. The gold standard corresponded to the beginning of the 20th Century’s 1.504632 gram of gold = $ 1. Due to the compounding effect of the gold standard in the coming years, it is constantly changing and in 1971, was abolished entirely. Top reasons to buy gold:

Monetary gold bullion cannot go bust. Monetary gold bullion can never be worthless. If something unexpected happens in our lives, monetary gold bullion in small units is the best insurance. Monetary gold bars are the best way of securing value when everything “goes down the drain.” Monetary gold bullion will never be worthless. Monetary gold bullion in small units can easily switch into other values, or goods, on a piecemeal basis, which is impossible with large units. Karatbars refinery has one of the world’s best gold bullion certificates. The gold bars are welded in the form of a credit card, and on the back, there is a hologram. Whether you submerge the cards in boiling water, bury them or if they are exposed to the forces of nature – the certificate remains in its original form. Hence, you will receive the lifelong right to exchange Karatbars in the unlikely event that the certificate becomes corrupted. Gold bullion in the smallest units will guarantee you …

… preservation of value, as gold does not rust and remains beautifully shiny over millennia. Render yourself financially secure & independent with gold bullion in small affordable units! Join the thousands of people who are turning their Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies into gold with Karatbars International. To find out more about Karatbars simply register at my website at www.butlergoldbars.com Thousands of people have made “virtual money” with Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum, Dascoin and now they want to turn this cryptocurrency into real gold in a safe way. At Karatbars we help them to do this quickly and easily. If you have any questions please get in touch with me. at