Laurel springs retirement newsletter

Baby Boomers make up a large part of our resident lifestyle fans here at Laurel Springs Mustang. They have shown a remarkable acceptance and use of social media and the ability to use the internet to look for information. Although most of us and surely most Baby Boomers remember having to use card catalogs and paper index files to look for information, yellow pages, newspaper ads, the effect of the internet expanding during Baby Boomer adult lifetimes has fully been incorporated into their daily lives.

2. Many Seniors are using technology to plan for their future. There are many financial advisors and service providers who provide calculators and online advice to assist Seniors in planning for retirement and active adult lifestyle options.

Here at Laurel Springs, we have a ‘How To Transition’ page on our website to help potential new residents get the basic information on the process of moving to Laurel Springs. Of course, it’s best to call our office and get the full details and a personal tour!

3. Many Seniors confuse Active Adult Independent Living with Assisted Living or Memory Care. Here at Laurel Springs Mustang, we are a fully developed 55+ Active Adult Living community. If you search online, you’ll see how different we are in providing you private quality homes, amazing lifestyle amenities, and facilities for enjoying the best years of your life.

At Laurel Springs Active Adult Living, we believe that living the good life means taking care of yourself and your physical and emotional health. It’s a well know fact that physical activity and diet can help improve your mindset and your ability to enjoy your life, your friends and improve your relationships. At Laurel Springs, we focus on providing these benefits for you!

Keep your focus on lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and non-processed foods. It’s pretty common sense that a bowl of salad with lots of leafy greens is better for you than a baloney sandwich on processed white bread, so focus on whole food nutrition. Always enjoy what’s in front of you at our many potlucks, happy hours and parties, but just remember to make up for that during the rest of the week…you want to still have fun and not overly restrict yourself.

At Laurel Springs, we have many walking trails and great topography to enjoy a stroll around the community. Get out and enjoy our trails, water features, your neighbors and even drop by the clubhouse to say hello to our friendly staff! Keep yourself moving and even invest in a Fitbit or use your smartphone app to track and motivate you to continue your progress with walking and physical activity.

We all know that loneliness is no fun. Did you know that it is also a dangerous threat to your physical health? Don’t let separation from friends and family cause a decline in our mental and emotional well-being. Get involved with our community activities! We have a full social calendar and social activity staff that can keep you involved with our community, new friends and enhances your feelings of belonging. It’s important to get out and about and enjoy the community here that you have chosen to make you like your new home!