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A lawyer’s briefcase is a direct insight into the lawyer’s posture towards his or her practice. Lawyers who wish to display their meticulous combing through details, their dedication to keeping the case’s facts in order, or general appearance of professionalism will take great care in selecting a briefcase that represents to the world how they wish to be summarized. A clean, orderly, scholarly lawyer outfit merely is not complete without a compact companion that gives you a clearer insight into the lawyer’s character more than suits, eyewear, or any other accessory. Tips to Choose A Lawyer Briefcase

There are multiple factors one can consider when deciding to purchase a briefcase. Though we will expound on several of these factors, ultimately, it is YOUR choice with what you feel is best. If you are looking for a briefcase that you will not have to replace in a few years, you are investing in a career-long companion. These factors do not serve as rules; they merely act as guidelines in the decision-making process. The color of Briefcase

Prices can range from $100 to over $1000. The reason for the high range is different quality in leather, the work/level of personalization put into the craft, the brand, the durability, etc. When choosing a budget, decide whether or not you would like to pick one briefcase and keep it your entire career, or if you’d prefer to switch briefcases several times in the next few decades. If you are purchasing an investment, consider budgeting higher to get a more top quality briefcase. Read customer reviews closely to determine if the price is high for quality, or merely high as a rip-off. The durability of the Briefcase

This is where customer reviews will be your best friend. The longer customers have had their product, the better insight you’ll get into the durability of your investment. For instance, Saddleback claims a lifelong warranty because every single component of their bag is quality material. If the leather is high quality, but the stitching is not, it can ultimately ruin the bag and make it fragile within a couple of years. Attaché, Soft-sided, or Hard-sided Briefcases?

Attaché cases are excellent for customers who prefer to have a box-shaped briefcase where they can access all their files and personal items in one grab. They are typically more old-fashioned yet are quite functional. Though soft-sided briefcases may look better, they tend to be worse for wear-and-tear. A hard-sided briefcase may be uncomfortable to carry, but it can take more of a beating and protect your valuables. Appropriate Size & Weight

Choosing a briefcase also requires you to examine your daily routine. If you are not comfortable carrying a 15-pound bag on one shoulder for at least an hour at a time, don’t invest in a bulky briefcase. Conversely, a larger briefcase will allow you more room for your laptop, notes, and other valuables. Choose a product you are sincerely comfortable wearing and will accomplish the carrying needs you have every day. Conclusion

Choosing a briefcase is an investment. It requires you to take an assessment of where you are in your career and where you’ll be going. It invites you to examine your interests and values, what sacrifices you may need to make in your daily routine to ensure utmost professionalism and comfort. This may require a bit of trial and error. If you’re especially lucky, you may become attached to a briefcase that will carry the stories of your career, only to be passed down with a large love to another young professional. Though there is much to consider, there is not much you can lose. Cheers to a lovely journey ahead!