Let me introduce list of exchanges that will present b2x under btc ticker in late november. _ bitcoin the price of bitcoin

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Just so it is clear to everyone. Didn’t you make this decision just because other S2X supporters say so and because bigger blocks are so cool, right? I assume you did own research, so you figured out the reason why every non-miner is against it, why big and especially licensed (like coinbase) exchanges will have to keep user’s coins safe and why they won’t ever list any forked chain with BTC ticker.The price of bitcoin people want BTC and any forked coin will just get dumped into oblivion. Especially one without proper replay protection and without miner’s support. Or you really think that anyone will mine coin with same difficulty that everyone just keeps dumping? It won’t be worth mining and miners are following profit. I’m quite sorry for any users of your site that trust you.

And I ask entire bitcoin/NO2X community to keep educating and under each post like the one above answer with how the things really are so not a single user gets confused that S2X is good. It’s not good and not even necessary. It’s only aim is to take control from core and do as much damage as possible to main chain.

By the way, do you wanna buy my old card? It’s gonna have lambo ticker after the hard fork so it’s the real thing, right?:)

the price of bitcoin

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Bitfinex introduced split chain tokens few months ago for those situations. If it was the opposite (everyone supporting S2X), don’t you think that by this moment, B2X would be traded higher than bitcoin right now?

You can see it for yourself:

BTC/USD – $3400

Https://www.Bitfinex.Com/order book/bt1usd

B2X/USD – $1100

Https://www.Bitfinex.Com/order book/bt2usd

B2X/BTC – 0.25

Https://www.Bitfinex.Com/order book/bt2btc

It’s just one exchange, but it has quite a lot of users to show where the community’s loyalty stays. People will dump it hard as they did with BCH, because you know what? It’s free money. Why risking supporting such dangerous (it’s not really dangerous, only for people who are listening to the wrong people) fork and losing money?

The price of bitcoin

I cannot understand why anyone thinks that he can use someone else’s work (it’s open source, so it’s alright, no issue with that) and try to release it with not a single upgrade and present it as the real thing under same name.

Imagine if game like GTA 5 was open source made by hundreds of people, someone then took it, increased texture resolution 2x and tried to sell it as GTA 5 on same channels as the developer company. Company, that’s meanwhile working not only on much better resolution scaling, but also amazing new features making the gameplay much better. That’s how this situation looks like.

Whoever wants to support S2X, just do it. Unlike the miners claiming 95% support and forcing everyone into S2X by their agreement, that most of us didn’t ever agreed to, no one is forcing you into BTC here.The price of bitcoin you are free to chose.

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1) you’re right that not every non-miner is against it. I should say majority, because there are simply people like you. The bitfinex trading clearly proves where the true support is.

2) coinbase is licensed exchange and unless they want to be sued, they won’t ever list B2X as BTC. You should read the licensing conditions. They will list B2X if the hard fork happens, but not as B2X. Majority hashrate may be B2X, so it’s true. Also, while majority support may be B2X if miners really wan’t to lose money, what is important are the nodes running latest core software. And I don’t mind if we have to wait for block a bit longer. It’s only temporary anyway until miners switch back as their loyalty is only to money.

3) replay protection – yes, it’s optional and sucks as well as all other arguments about need to increase block size.The price of bitcoin

4) core is not an company, it’s title that represents everyone who made bitcoin what it is today. Everyone who makes the code, runs the nodes and helps the bitcoin community is part of it. It’s open and you should know by now. You sir, are clearly heavily involved in S2X to support it. And I respect it. But the community will decide the outcome and you should stop this crap. Because S2X is best thing that could happen to bitcoin… It will make it stronger and prove that not even this kind of attack can bring centralization to it.

As long as people are educated and can make own opinion, no such forked altcoin can succeed. If you wanna continue in this argumenting, be my guest. But please, explain your standing in more detail and technical background, so everyone can see the logic behind.

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the price of bitcoin

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