LH-Crypto – icodesk bitcoin trading price

Larson&holz is constantly evolving and investing its funds into different projects connected to the internet trading. Creating a crypto broker is just one of the projects, though, indeed, it’s one of the top-priority projects. After the ICO #lhcoin tokens will be introduced at several exchange platforms and included into the company’s list of trading instruments. This will help the broker to increase the market price of the tokens and the tokens profitability through the clients’ interest. Token sale

You can purchase tokens in your personal area on the site LH-CRYPTO.IO. Is accepting ethereum, bitcoin and bank wires. But recomment you to pay with ethereum, so that the process was fully automated. With this means of payment tokens will be received instantly.

In case you purchase tokens with bitcoin or bank wire the payment processing may take up to 24 hours.Bitcoin trading price bank wires are only available to verified users with more than $10’000 of the deposit. Ethereum and bitcoin payments have no restrictions. LH solutions

• cryptocurrencies and BLOCKCHAIN technologies for depositing and withdrawing will help the company make mutual payments with clients from china, india, vietnam, thailand, malaysia, several arab countries, etc., for their currency laws have always prevented money transfer to foreign companies and hindered the expansion of forex brokers to these regions. Thus, the company will be able to open up a huge market interested in brokerage services.

• the broker, who makes payments and keeps funds in cryptocurrencies will be able to work only in the internet, without any physical location in any of the countries of his clients . This is why there is no need to acquire licenses, and the financial regulators’ restrictions of different countries are at their minimum.Bitcoin trading price this makes our marketing campaigns more effective en­abling us to acquire new clients (bonus programmes, affiliate programmes, stimulating contests, etc.).

• launching transactions in cryptocurrencies will open doors for an enormous target audience which is familiar with cryptocurrencies and has free funds in cryptocurrencies. These people are active enough to take part in speculative operations and can be easily converted into forex broker’s clients.

• switching to cryptocurrencies as a means of payment will help us reduce the transactional expenses from 6% to 1 %.

Use of funds

LH crypto raise funds to create a crypto version of an existing forex broker. They ae planning to launch an additional branch of the broker with all the operations processed in crypto-currencies only. In other words, the clients’ deposits, replenishments, withdrawals and other operations will be processed in crypto-currencies only.Bitcoin trading price at the final stage of the project these transactions will be processed in broker’s tokens. This minor modernization will radically change the broker’s economy. This opens access to new markets for our services; this expands our client’s database and makes it easier and cheaper to make transfers for clients from the countries with harsh currency regulations (china, arab countries, and some latin america countries).