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Kudos to Sen. Marco Rubio, who in a rare moment of courage and bravery, defended the United States against Russian enemies bent on undermining our democracy, broke with Republicans and voted to uphold the sanctions. It’s past time for Sen. Rubio’s colleagues in Congress to show their true colors and join him in taking a stand for the red, white and blue.

Today the world is run by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Buffet. Their power is based on capturing information. It buys it, it sells it, it manipulates it, and is more powerful than the titans of industry 100 years ago. Their wealth and power reaches into our homes, work, play, health care, religion and politics.

This uncontrolled reach shapes our thoughts, our economy and our very lives.

The proof is in the enormous wealth and status they have attained. They are co-conspirators in election tampering. They control the news, information and access. And when confronted by competition, they buy it. I urge another disruptor to break up this monopoly before the intrusion of AI becomes god. I fear for our economy, our freedom, our privacy, and our very lives.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade was predicated at least in part, I’m quite sure, on a court of appeals case in New York, that held that a separately identifiable human being could not exist before viability, which has been considered the seventh month of pregnancy. Medical science has been able to increase that time, but not by much.

If one elects to think otherwise, they are welcome to do so, but they are not welcome to force their beliefs on the rest of us. To hold that human life exists from the time of conception is contrary to the law, and it is the law that must govern. A belief contrary to that must certainly be based on religious belief, and that runs up against the separation of church and state.

There are other fixes for this. Spend more on education and job training, always a path to upward mobility. Raise the federal minimum wage, a rising sea lifts all boats. Pass laws to equalize pay for women, their incomes are lower, too. Restore a more progressive tax structure, the rich are getting too big a share with our regressive taxes. Spend money for infrastructure, construction jobs are blue-collar jobs. Green energy creates more jobs than fossil fuels do. Fairer trade, a GOP favorite. Less anti-union legislation, a Dems favorite.

However when you print a letter you ought to – as would a fine paper like the Washington Post – include a disclaimer noting that the referenced Dr. Nils-Axel Morner is a discredited outsider whose views are his own and who, among other things, firmly believes in "water-dowsing" in search of that precious liquid and has some curious and otherwise laughable views on archaeology.

A recent writer seems to imply the wall is a poor economic decision and asks some questions. The initial economics, if we added the wall and security cost to the national debt, would be a 0.02 percent increase. If we got the top 10 percent taxpayers to pay for it, their tax increase would be 0.2 percent for one year. So in the grand scheme of things the upfront price of the wall is pretty cheap.

But I suggest this project is self-funding assuming it reduces illegal immigration and I believe it will. This in turn should reduce the financial burden placed on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and public education currently spent on non-U.S. citizens. This does not include the potential reduction in illegal drugs coming over the board or any potential law-enforcement savings that might result from fewer illegal immigrants.