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Identify potential future stars in your affiliate team with profile scores!

Here’s how it works: our system reviews the responses your affiliates have given to questions on their affiliate profiles. We assign a point value to each response to help identify affiliates who have set high goals, committed to investing significant time or money into their new business, are experienced in network marketing or internet marketing, and/or who have past leadership experience, and so on. These point values are all added altogether to create the affiliate’s profile score.

These profile scores allow you to quickly get an idea of your affiliate’s level of motivation and commitment, and maybe even an insight into the kind of affiliate this person is going to be.

That said, there are limitations to how much weight you should put on the profile score for any given affiliate.Bitcoin price right now keep in mind that the score is only a number based on affiliate profile responses. A high score does not guarantee a future platinum team leader. Likewise, a low score doesn’t necessarily indicate that an affiliate is going to go nowhere. High or low, ALL your affiliates should be greeted with enthusiasm and strong support!

You can find profile scores in the e-mail notifications you receive whenever one of your psas completes their affiliate profile. You can also find profile scores in the PS column under the aff mgr tab in your genealogy report.

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Speaking at the recently held ciomajlis (chief information officer’s) session on ‘blockchain technology,’ ahmad al mulla, chairman of ciomajlis, said:

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Dubai is a frontrunner in adopting the latest technology and has set a goal to become the world’s first government to execute all implementable transactions on the blockchain by 2020. The government initiatives in this direction present tremendous business opportunities for the private sector in the UAE.

He added:

There is a current global shortage of object oriented programmers and developers. We need to ensure sufficient availability of trained manpower and as these opportunities are accruing across all sectors, we will see a lot of blockchain implementation in [the] near future across government as well as private sectors.

According to a report from trade arabia, HH sheikh hamdan bin mohammad bin rashid al maktoum, crown prince of dubai and chairman of the dubai executive council, launched the dubai blockchain strategy.Bitcoin price right now through this it aims to explore and research technology innovations that could provide the chance to deliver improvements to the nation.

Dan frankel, blockchain city adviser to dubai at consensys, which has been named the official company blockchain advisor for the city of dubai, said that the distributed ledger technology could cut bank transactions by $15 to $20 billion a year by 2022. With the possibility to removing costs of manual processing, processing errors and re-work it could deliver savings as much as 75 percent.

Dubai embraces the blockchain

Keen to illustrate its embracive nature toward the distributed ledger the nation has taken significant steps to begin the fundamental shift.

So much so, that in june the dubai government signed a new agreement with U.K.-based blockchain startup objecttech to create digital passports for entry at dubai international airport.Bitcoin price right now aiming to end manual passport verification, the partnership hopes to create the world’s first ‘gate-less border.’

Not only that, but the UAE retail banking giant emirates NBD is due to implement the distributed ledger in an attempt to prevent cheque fraud and boost their authenticity with the best digital security systems available.

Meanwhile, with the government giving the greenlight for a citywide blockchain payments system in dubai, it looks as though the nation is on track to becoming the world’s first country that is powered by the blockchain.

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