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With a few exceptions, the permanent resident visa cannot be issued to you in mexico; you must apply for it at a mexican consulate outside of mexico. This is a change to the rules before 2012, where visitor permits could previously be exchanged for resident permits if the person(s) fulfilled the criteria. This article explains who can apply for residency within mexico. Examples of the kinds of people who might apply for resident visas: retirees / independent income

If you want to engage in “non-remunerative activities” (i.E. You do not intend to earn money in mexico) and you are receiving funds from abroad (from a pension or other investments or income sources) you can apply for a permanent resident visa if the income and assets you have meet the financial criteria.

Read more about retirement in mexico on mexperience.How to work out housing benefit entitlement investors

You can receive a resident permit if you are willing to invest your capital in mexico. Your investment can be directed at industry or services, and must equal a minimum set amount—check separately for the latest investment levels required for this visa. The current investment multiples and procedures for this application via this route are detailed in the mexico immigration guide ebook. Professionals

If you are a qualified professional, you can have your certificates validated by the mexican consulate in your home country and apply for an immigration visa to live in mexico and seek residence here. Technical or scientific professions

If you are a qualified technician or scientist, mexico offers a category of visa which enables you to live and work in mexico under sponsorship from a foreign company (this could be a company you own).How to work out housing benefit entitlement the company must cover all of your income and expenses while you are in mexico. Learn more about working in mexico. Prominent person

To apply for this visa the applicant must be a person with recognized national or international prestige or be some other prominent person, such as a scientist, researcher, humanist, artist, sportsman or journalist. Each case is considered individually and entry is at the interior ministry’s discretion.

There are other situations including students and people with family connections in mexico. See the mexico immigration guide ebook for a full list of visa types and details. May I be granted mexican citizenship?

There is a specific process to apply for and acquire mexican citizenship (also known as ‘naturalization’). As a minimum you must have applied for, and been granted, permanent resident status, although exceptions to this rule may apply, depending upon a variety of circumstances: marriage to a mexican national, for example, may enable naturalization with a shorter qualification period.How to work out housing benefit entitlement

You will be asked to undertake an exam, which you must pass, in order to acquire naturalization/citizenship. The examination is of a “multiple choice” type, consists of about fifteen questions, and is not hard—although you will need a basic grasp of the spanish language to pass it.

For detailed information about acquiring mexican citizenship, including information about the exam you need to pass, contact an immigration lawyer or download the mexico immigration guide ebook. Which mexican visa is right for me?

For temporary work placements in mexico: if you plan to live and work in mexico for a defined period, and intend to return to your home country afterwards, a temporary resident visa, valid for up to 4 years, is your best option. If you end up staying longer you can apply to exchange the temporary visa for a permanent visa after 4 consecutive years of residency in mexico.How to work out housing benefit entitlement

You should apply for a permanent resident visa commensurate with the economic activity you want to undertake. Some common examples of economic activities which qualify for this visa are: a company-sponsored job, or an invitation to carry out academic or scientific research. If you have ~100,000 US dollars to invest in a mexico (or a mexican company) you can apply for an investor’s visa under this category.

Detailed information about investor visas: for detailed information about investor’s visas, contact an immigration lawyer or download the mexico immigration guide ebook. Long term resident, not economically active

If you have a regular source of income from abroad (e.G. Investments, savings, pension, etc.) then a permanent resident visa will be the most straightforward route. By law, you need to prove that you have sufficient funds or investments to sustain yourself, and the income criteria has been tightened up under the new laws which came into effect in 2012.How to work out housing benefit entitlement

If you want to live permanently but not work in mexico, you will need apply for a permanent resident visa and satisfy one or more of the requirements (family connections, minimum income/investments, or political asylum). As part of your application, you will need to state what you intend to do there, e.G. Early retirement due to health, etc.

Detailed information about long term residency visas: for detailed information about long-term residency when you don’t intend to work in mexico (including retirees’ visas) download the mexico immigration guide ebook. Immigration consultancy

Immigration consultancy by phone/email differs from hiring an immigration lawyer (see next section) as you don’t have to be physically located in mexico and the consultancy will enable you to speak/correspond with an expert in mexican immigration matters about your specific circumstances.How to work out housing benefit entitlement

This type of consultancy is ideal if you want to discuss your situation with an expert and talk through the various immigration options which may be open to you so that you can form your plans based on informed choices. The consultation will seek to assess your individual circumstances and suggest a proper course of action, based on your personal situation, that will have the best chance of leading to a successful application to live, work, invest or retire in mexico.

If you are unsure which visa may be right for your circumstances, if you are having trouble with the application you made on your own, or if your spanish language skills are rusty, then you may do well to hire the services of a local immigration lawyer in mexico.

A good immigration lawyer will be up-to-speed on the latest legislation as well as the latest “on the ground” policies being implemented at a local level.How to work out housing benefit entitlement A lawyer will also be able to assess your individual circumstances and suggest a proper course of action, based on your personal situation, that will have the best chance of leading to a successful application. A good lawyer will also advise you if it is not possible for a person in your circumstance to make a successful application.

Hiring an immigration lawyer and representative will also avoid you having to make repeated trips to the immigration office. If your presence is required at the immigration office, such as to sign documents or give fingerprints, your lawyer will advise you and arrange to meet you there.

The support offered by a good lawyer can save you a considerable amount of time, especially if your application is complex. If you don’t speak good spanish then you will almost certainly require representation to expedite your visa(s).How to work out housing benefit entitlement

If you want advice about your immigration choices, based on your own individual circumstances, our mexico relocation consultancy service may help. It’s staffed by immigration and expatriate consultants who can help you to understand your options and determine a pathway for your immigration to mexico.