Misinformation about ETH supply and inflation rate _ ethereum websites that use bitcoin

Misinformation about ETH supply and inflation rate _ ethereum websites that use bitcoin

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Via the pow difficulty bomb, a hardfork to pos is guaranteed within the next 16 months:

Exact wording:

So, a year on, the network will continue to be useful for roughly 3-4 months, but eventually will reach an ‘ice age’ of sorts: the difficulty will simply be too high for anyone to find a block. This will allow us to introduce pos, perhaps via casper, if it proves itself.Websites that use bitcoin

There will exist ~90M ETH then.

At the present moment, the exact answer to your question is: pos inflation rate is not yet finalized.

However, the lead pos designer – vlad – has mentioned multiple times that his aim is to design a system where pos validators are paid trading fees only (i.E. Zero inflation).

Vitalik mentioned another solution – create just enough inflation to incentivize about 1000 people to become validators and maintain the network.

That’s the most accurate answer at the present moment: vlad, zero inflation; vitalik, just enough inflation.

Either way, it sounds like there will be a dramatic reduction in the rate of ETH creation (and possibly zero).

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To be clear my position is not buy.

Because big player can kill your position in an instant, and there no way to know if ETH got -thks to exchange- better distributed with time has big owner will likely spread thier wealth on different adresses.Websites that use bitcoin

Leaving you with investment risk+ big owner cash out unpredictable risk.

And thats IMO too much.

I think a fair distribution would be more like 10% pre-sale and 10 year pow which would have given time for people to get in, spread the fuel around. (pos doesn’t help with distribution)

-if we compare to bitcoin it would have mean 2.1BTC this, I think everybody agree is a massive share of BTC already.-

This might translate in sharp drop in price much more likely than sharp rise.. Making ETH more risky than a fair distributed coin.

I have got mixed feeling with ETH, I am frustrated and also happy not being part of tge pre-sale as the risk is shared by everyone…

(it’s on pre-sale owner interest owner that the coin are distributed.. Espacialy if they are fuel)

But again might be wrong just my opinion..Websites that use bitcoin

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