Mize network review – legit or scam – simple passive income

So you have recently heard about Mize Network and would like to know whether or not this company is legit or scam. There has been so much buzz out there and it makes sense that you would want to find out what the noise is all about. In this post I am going to unpack this company and land you in a place where you will be able to make an informed decision. The information provided in this Mize Network Review is based on facts, not opinion or hear say, because that is what you came here for, facts. With so many scams in the crypto world and people losing their hard earned money, you can’t afford not to do your due diligence.

So I applaud you for that. Let me help guide you in the right direction. Are you Ready? Let’s dive right in.

Just a bit of background about Mize Network. They are a Blockchain Company involved in the MLM industry. They started back in November 2017. During this time they had an IPO (Initial Public Offering), whereby the public could buy shares of the company. These shares had different packages from you which you could choose. Then, the 17th of June 2018 the IPO came to an end. The first phase as it were. They then went ahead with phase 2 and released their first product called Powernodes, based on Bitcoin mining and staking of masternodes.

Yes, Mize Network is registered in Seville, Spain. They have three headquarters located in Spain, London and Singapore. As they hold regular workshops and events for their leaders, many have seen the legal documents as well. The company also openly invites anyone to visit their offices in Spain to view the legal documents to their heart’s content. So if you live closer this is the challenge you might want to take up. However, they request that before you visit to give them a call (number provided above) prior to your visit so they can book an appointment for you. You will meet the team, and they will also pay for your lunch.

Also, due to the fact that Mize Network was born out of the failures and disappointments from various MLM Companies and scams out there, they are doing things differently. Many of these companies have gotten into trouble with the law of various countries because they usually launch the product first, and then only look at the legalities and compliance afterwards, which creates problems.

When searching for “Mize Network” as a company in the business directories or any other sources you use to check company registrations you will not find it. This is because Mize Network is not registered under its name. You should instead search for Global World Exchangers (GWE), that’s where you will find Mize Network. GWE encompasses many companies within it, of which Mize Network is one of them. Below you will find the official registration of Mize, with the company registration number.

To the surprise of many, Mize network is not just about Powernodes. This is the first of the many anticipated products offered by the company. They have planned to release 10 products by the end of December 2019. Below is a list of products offered by the company. They have not divulged all the products, but as of writing of the post there are 5 products that I know of.

As explained above, this is a big mining club that offers an opportunity to any person who would like to take part in mining and masternodes without having to be involved in the hard labor and costs associated with running these operations. Bitcoin mining is very expensive as a whole and if you do not have the proper facilities, equipment, software and machines you are better off getting with Mize Network to take care of that for you.

Together with Proof of Work above, they also do Masternode staking. Based on ERC 20 Tokens, they select the most profitable tokens to stake and run as masternodes. The profit generated from staking these coins are then paid out in the form of Bitcoin. So the company, after having earned the said tokens, would turn around and sell those tokens for bitcoin and then pay its members according to the amount of packs that the member has.

Running masternodes can be quite a hefty task as most masternodes require a large bunch of tokens, which can be very expensive. Together with that these tokens must still be hosted, the blockchain updated, APIs setup, etc. This maybe a very expensive exercise, plus choosing which tokens to stake can be a tantamount task. The Mize Network team of experts take care of all that for their members.

So in essence, when you buy powernodes you are benefiting from both bitcoin mining and token staking. The pack costs 100 Euros (in BTC). You get paid daily, passive income for life. Your once off purchase pays you for life. There no contracts or membership fees either. However, it is very important to note that payments only start after the 30 day waiting period. That’s right, you have to wait 30 days for setup. From day 31 onwards you will then be earning daily, for life. Below is the proof of Mize Network mining farms.

Mize, being a Blockchain Technology Company is right at the forefront of things. They have gone into partnership with Blue Hill Mining, a real mining company, to help create BHM Tokens. This partnership marks the first of many such collaborations with big companies looking into coming into the using Blockchain technology to provide a solution to certain challenges.

This is another exciting product where the company offers certified crypto courses that are globally recognised. How they do this is by hiring qualified and registered instructors who are knowledgeable in the field. This instructor will then facilitate the lessons. Mize is very big on education of its members and wants to deliver courses that are relevant and empowering in this ever evolving crypto space. Along with this notion, the course is made up of different modules.

How’s your public speaking? Do you have stage fright? Lack of confidence? Do you need to develop your leadership skills or perhaps you need to learn how to better market your business? All these and more are what is covered Mize Academy. As you can tell this mainly deals with the entire individual, self development. There are so man areas to develop as an individual that will ultimately lead you to maximising yourself.

This is another exciting product where taking part in it will see you earning BIG as well. Crypto Growth is similar to an asset management fund where a group of experts, from the company, will be managing those assets for Mize members. These experts know exactly which cryptocurrencies are performing and which ones aren’t and thus are able to make informed decisions as to which coins to invest in, which ones to sell, etc. Crypto Growth promises to be a game changer in the space and will bring awesome returns for its members.

With cryptocurrency being at the top of the business model of Mize Network it becomes a no brainer that they will have an exchange or be associated with an exchange of sorts. You will be able to exchange Cryptos up to 14 FIAT currencies in the back office. This is by far larger than most exchanges out there which only have limited FIAT Currencies. This cuts out the middle man too as you will be able to deposit straight from your local bank (of the supported currency) and straight into your wallet and buy crypto. This is revolutionary and totally mind blowing.

You can already create an account on Zironex Exchange. This exchange will soon be one of the most popular exchanges out there, so you may want to create an account already to position yourself accordingly. When exchanges start to gain popularity they begin to pause new registrations in order to better manage the volume being brought on by the growing numbers on the platform. Then they open it later on again. So you should Sign up now for Zironex while you still can.

Watch the video where the CEO addresses the issue about a particular website that calls Mize Network a scam but without any tangible information. I am giving you a heads up about this so that you are aware what’s going on and how certain website owners manipulate search engines by targeting users who type keywords such as: Is Mize Network A Scam, is Mize Network Legit, Adrian Jacuzzi, etc. Keywords play a major role in the ranking of websites on Google. So by using these keywords, which are commonly searched, it helps boost these fake review sites to the top of the page on Google. Don’t fall for it. Watch the video below.

As earlier stated, Mize Network plans to have 10 products by the end of this year, December 2019. Some of these products I have not even heard of but they will reveal them over time. They will be releasing a Mize Network App for Android and iOS. Plastic cards are also in the pipeline to be released in the near future. I like to think of Mize Network as a conglomerate. It houses so many smaller components within its name and it’s definitely an ever improving and innovative company. So many more products still to come.

After having done my due diligence I was comfortable with the company, its vision and its mission. Even though I’m a member, I tried to be as objective as possible and the information I provided is factual and not based on opinion. So to answer the question: Is Mize Network legit or scam? I can proudly say that it is legit. And No, they did not pay me to write this review on their behalf and therefore I have nothing to gain but all my reputation to lose if I would sell my soul just for commissions. You can verify the information above and also visit Mize Network official Facebook Group to hear what ordinary members have to say about the company.

I also want to point out that you should be aware of Fake review sites that will sway you by giving you false information, based on opinion and no real evidence. These fake review sites will usually discourage you against any platform you are researching, not only MIZE, and encourage you to join theirs instead. You are welcome to challenge the information provided here, with facts.