Money Trade Coin to Surge to $2500 on Soaring Demand Predictions price of bitcoin

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14 th december 2017 : popularity of cryptocurrencies has soared in recent days backed by increased demand and inherently fixed supply. Moreover, lack of good returns on other investment avenues and soaring prices of cryptocurrencies has led to heavy inflows of investments in these digital currencies in the last few years. Money trade coin the new age cryptocurrency is gaining attraction from investors as it has been recognised by investors as one of the best options for investment in cryptocurrencies.The price of bitcoin

Dr. Amit M. Lakhanpal, managing director of flintstone group and the founder of money trade coin sees a very bright future in this new age cryptocurrency. He understands its potential of disrupting the modern economy which at large has remained unchanged or rather unchallenged over the last few decades. A recent survey from a market research group showed some very interesting facts on money trade coin which mentioned the money trade coin to reach the mark of $2500 by the end of this financial year. The conclusion of the research was backed by the reason of increased investor awareness about the technology and a high degree of interest in investments on money trade coin from the investor group.

Since the launch of money trade coin , the group has achieved many milestones in a short span of time and has kept them up with pace in the development of the blockchain technology.The price of bitcoin after being launched in antigua & barbuda and the onset of amending and of new rules in antigua and barbuda, the cryptocurrency gained its legal status and is now on its way to be officially used across the country. Simultaneously, dr. Amit M. Lakhanpal inaugurated the launch of various services viz. Mtcxindia.In (MTCX india – wallet services in india), mtcxoasis.Ae (MTCXO – wallet services in dubai) and cointradingplatform.Com. The wallet services – MTCX india, was launched in india on 11 th december 2017 and will initially hold two cryptocurrencies where investors will be able to invest in money trade coin as well as bitcoin. With the launch of new wallet services in india, the value of money trade coin more than doubled its value from $3 to $8.40 which left investors of MTCOIN richer by 180%.The price of bitcoin this significant rise backs the theory of $2500 mark which the research group came up with. With rapid expansion in blockchain technology and under the leadership of dr. Amit M. Lakhanpal, the money trade coin group foresees addition of 25 other cryptocurrencies through its wallet services which will add yet another feature under its umbrella. This will help the investors to invest across various cryptocurrencies like money trade coin, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple etc. Through its single trading platform mtcxindia.In.

Dr. Amit lakhanpal says it’s a highly volatile market & it is important to think twice before investing, he also pointed out a positive aspect of crypto in a recent interview with mirror now, he says “only 3.5% of the total cryptocurrencies are currently being traded.The price of bitcoin there’s a huge scope for development in this space. Money trade coin group has invested heavily in the future of blockchain technology. Apart from the wallet services that the group has launched, money trade coin group is the pioneer in having a registered exchange for the trading of multi-cryptocurrencies in two different countries. Apart from this the group has gone a step further and established money trade coin academy OU in estonia which provides with the training courses of different levels in the blockchain technology, especially cryptocurrencies. This will help the interested parties from beginners to professionals, gain firsthand knowledge of cryptocurrencies and its cryptographic algorithm based technology.

The way digital currencies are perceived on the back of swift expansion has changed in recent times.The price of bitcoin on the back of services provided by money trade coin group, and understanding the importance of digital world, the investors’ community has gained a lot of trust and confidence in this group and particularly money trade coin . The group pioneering in various sectors of cryptocurrencies like wallet services, exchanges and academics is helping towards an accelerated development of the technology. The uniqueness of the services combined with the vision of money trade coin’s founder, money trade coin in the foreseeable future will look for greater opportunities which in turn will lead in soaring prices and will attract investment globally.

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