My denim guide – boyer meets world

I get asked all the time about which brand of denim is the best quality or fit but there truly isn’t one answer. We all have different bodies and we all have different taste. The denim styles, brands, or colors I like could be totally different than yours which is completely ok. Instead of focusing on brands, I am going to talk about fit and how to know you are getting a pair of denim that won’t crap out on you after 1 wash.

Length is a big part of finding jeans that fit. If you are tall like me then you know how difficult it can be to find a denim that not only fits in the waist while still being long enough.

Thankfully the cropped denim style is in right now! I know that tall girls aren’t the only one with struggles – petite ladies also have a hard time finding the right length in jeans. Thankfully, most denim labels now carry a regular, short, and long version of their jeans. Rise

But really, the next aspect of denim that I examine is the rise. I prefer high to mid rise, I personally don’t feel that low rise denim is cute on anyone however, I’m sure it’s a trend that will come back around at some point. If you have a long torso then low rise jeans may not be your best friend, try out some mid to high rise denim and see what you think. On the flip side of that statement, if you have a short torso you may find that you like the fit of a mid to low rise denim. May seem like a simple idea but you have no idea how many women go around wearing the wrong rise for their body. Stretch Not Sag

The dream is to have a pair of denim that looks amazing while feels like leggings 😍. Some jeans will seem to be a good stretchy material but actually lose all elasticity after either an hour of wearing them or after the first wash. The tip that I give to women is to buy a pair of denim that is stretchy but firm. If you are between 2 different styles and one is already stretchy and comfy but the other is a slightly tighter fit with some stretch – go for the good fit with some stretch. Jeans stretch as you wear them so if you get a pair that is stretchy to start, you will have one saggy looking booty on your hands. Size & Fit

Size is such a delicate topic with us (women). We are constantly stuck on the number size rather than the actual fit of the jeans. Who cares if you wear a size 10 or size 2 or size 16 when you look like a damn goddess in them!? Most women think they are larger than they are, thus they end up buying jeans that are too big for them. When in doubt, size down – like I said before, jeans stretch so it’s better to be safe than sorry. My advice to everyone is to try not to think about the number, think about how great you feel in them or how amazing you look.

Just because you’ve always worn the same brand of jeans doesn’t mean you have to be stuck buying those jeans for the rest of your life. I have so many friends that still wear the same brand of jeans we wore in high school just because they think it’s easier to buy the same jeans than to get out and explore some other options. You work hard for your money & your deserve a stellar pair of denim!!