My experience with the 8-hour diet caloriebee

I found this diet to be supremely easy to follow. There was really only one day where I even felt hungry during my 16 fasting hours. That being said, it’s hard to expect much in results. I still ate pizza and had a cheeseburger, but I did almost no snacking because during my usual snacking hours my "window" was closed, and when my window was open, I didn’t snack much either because I had either just had lunch or dinner.

During the diet I felt better, less bloated and heavy, and I had more energy. Because I didn’t feel so full and sluggish all the time, I was in a better mood and did more things around the house.

I also got more sleep. This was a strange side effect. You see, I used to wait for my kids and husband to go to bed and have a snack and a soda. But since I couldn’t do that, I was sleeping before midnight most nights.

This is great diet. It offers many health benefits for someone like me who doesn’t eat very well in general. For someone who is already healthy and not snacking very much, I imagine that the weight loss won’t come off as fast as it has for me, but it still would have the other benefits. Not having that heavy morning meal is great. The body adjusts easily and quickly and the morning hunger can be quickly quenched with a glass of water and a task that takes your mind off of the hunger.

January 2 – I’ve been on the diet for two days and I must say that it’s about the easiest "diet" I’ve ever been on. I didn’t break my fast until 2:00 p.m. Then I had some nachos at 2:00. For dinner I had two tacos at 6:00 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m. I had about half a bag of cheesy popcorn. I had no hunger or anything. On January 1 it was easy too. I had some frozen pizza for a late lunch and some turkey and stuffing for dinner. I had half a piece of pie in between.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m eating any different than I usually do, but I am. I’m eating quite a bit less because I am only eating for eight hours a day. Even though I’m eating the same stuff in the same amount as I would for lunch and dinner, I’m still probably eating half as much as before! The best part is I don’t feel hungry or deprived or even like I’m on a diet at all. You can’t beat a diet that doesn’t feel like I diet. Even though I don’t feel like I’m dieting, I do believe I will lose a decent amount of weight this week. I’ll let you know the results on the morning of the 8th!

I was very hungry this morning. That’s the first time I’ve been hungry. I didn’t eat very much yesterday. My 8-hour window closed and we had company, so I didn’t really get to eat my evening meal. I had a little bit to eat before the company came. Now it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I still haven’t eaten because my "window" didn’t open up until 2 and I’ve been at work. At this point I’m no longer feeling hungry, so I must not have been as hungry as I felt this morning. I probably won’t get a chance to eat now until around 7 p.m., so that will be over 24 hours fasting.

I actually believe this diet has a lot more to offer than a gimmick; it "rests" your digestive system, you eat less, and you are more aware of the fact that you weren’t actually eating from real "hunger" before you started this diet. That’s been the revelation for me. I wasn’t actually hungry when I was eating first thing in the morning every day. Why stuff calories in a body that isn’t asking for them? It’s nice to learn that you can go quite a long stretch "fasting" without feeling any serious hunger pangs. I really feel a bit more in control of my hunger now.

hi, i was browsing through the net for a perfect diet for a not-so-active person like me.. For the last 3 years of my life, I’ve somehow done the same thing as this 8-hour-diet does.. I take oats as my breakfast and sometimes w/ lunch (whenever i get hungry), sometimes no lunch at all (im all that lazy). However i never skip my dinner sometimes (still) oats or anything available in my fridge, but that’s beyond 8 hours. I don’t eat midnight snacks. I don’t easily get hungry.. but I never haven’t seen changes with my weight. It has been constant since I graduated from college. I’ve tried exercising and dieting at the same time but I only got to lose 2lbs lol. and it went back again when i stopped. do you think this time it would take effect?even though there has been no drastic change in my weight even with diet and exercise? I’m in my normal weight but i wanted to cut few more pound coz i look so huge with my built even w/o workout. My weight 121 lbs, 164 cm.. i hope to see your response 🙂