Nadex review 2019 – us regulated binary options nadexgo mobile

NADEX is the abbreviation for the North American Derivatives Exchanges and they are one of the only CFTC regulated binary options exchanges in United States. Nadex is designated as a Contract Market and Derivatives Clearing Organization by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Hence, they are regulated by one of the strictest government regulatory authorities in the world.

Nadex offers a fully cloud based trading platform, which means that as a binary options trader, you do not need to download or maintain the security of any software on your laptop. It also means that you can login to your trading account from virtually any modern computer with a supported browser.

All you need is your username and password to login to the Nadex platform.

They offer two channels for providing customer support. You can reach their every attentive customer support desk at . If you already have an account with them, you can directly call U.S. toll-free number at +1 877 776 2339. If you are an international customer of Nadex, they also offer a separate number (+1 312 884 0100). Nadex offers customer service via phone during 6pm ET Sunday through 4.15pm ET Friday.

The contract enables traders to speculate on a particular market’s prices under a specified range. The price range has both an upper and a lower limit. The lower limit is capped by the floor, while that of the upper is set by the ceiling. The value of the market moves linearly with respect to the price range. As it is with any form of trading, you sell when the market is heading down, and buy when it is heading up.

The good thing about the Touch Brackets is that anyone can thrive on it, and with the flexibility it provides, you can trade even the more popular markets with low capital requirements. Newbies can quickly become conversant with how things work, and gain the much-needed trading experience they need. Even forex traders aren’t left out, you have control of their risk exposure, and at the same time, they can scale up into the required size. The control afforded by the Touch Brackets means risk control is ensured all through the trade. You won’t lose more than is expected, and there is certainly no surprises lurking in the shadows. You are entirely in control the whole time, and you don’t have to worry about any unknown parameters. The good news is that since the risk is already specified, the maximum risk one would encounter will be only the capital used in the trade.

The Call Spread allows you to trade the movement between two specified price levels. Not only does it allow you to trade with your natural profit targets, but it also guarantees you risk protection. When compared with a stop-loss, the floor and ceiling of a Nadex Spread still offer a better loss coverage. You are also guaranteed your natural profit target. What this means is that you will still be in the trade and not lose more than what is specified by the floor and ceiling.

Nadex has launched a new update of their mobile platform called NadexGo™ for Mobile. The mobile app is compatible with the desktop platform and allows users to shuffle between each platform effortlessly. Users can make their trade on one platform and monitor proceedings on the other. The mobile platform has all the tools, indicators and charts required to trade. The AI of this Progressive Web App (PWA) automatically updates, that way you don’t have o wait for a new version. It is highly responsive and functional Nadex Review: Summary

However, being based in Chicago and a regulated exchange by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), they have given U.S. legal residents an opportunity to try out binary options trading under a well-regulated environment. Not to mention, foreign binary options traders can also enjoy the same level of service and regulation by trading with Nadex.