New Reddcoin wallets – Reddheads bitcoin price today

The reddcoin dev team has released the latest full-chain wallet upgrade.

This wallet keeps a full copy of the reddcoin blockchain on your hard drive. The software is based on the original bitcoin wallet and is regularly updated with new features that are made by the bitcoin devs to that version of the wallet.

Although this update is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it includes:

Improved parameters for optimal staking (transaction sizes are automatically kept between 1.5m-2m RDD)

New official DNS seeds in asia and europe

New RPC call getinterest to show interests received through minting

Fixes for improved stability

To upgrade you may simply install the new wallet without doing anything else. Follow this link to download the right version for your operating system: reddcoin full chain wallet v.

bitcoin price today usd

Electrum wallet

Electrum wallets were originally developed for bitcoin. They provide a number of important and useful features including rapid syncing with the blockchain (as they do not have to download a full copy of the blockchain to your computer) and the ability to keep your funds in a convenient, ultra-secure “cold storage” system.

The electrum cold storage process sees your private keys (the only way to access your funds) kept in an offline computer and used to sign transactions created in a special version of the wallet (called “watching only”) that is installed on another machine that is online. The online wallet is connected to the blockchain and has the ability to broadcast transactions, but cannot authorise them: it is your offline wallet that authorises transactions. Typically this is done by saving a transaction created in your online wallet to a flash drive, then plugging that flash drive into your offline machine to authorise the transaction – to sign it.Bitcoin price today usd this signed transaction is then saved to the flash drive which is moved back to the online machine. Following this procedure ensures an air gap between the internet and your private keys, which prevents any hacker who may have accessed your online machine from being able to steal these keys and thus your funds.

Follow this link to find the link to the version of the reddcoin electrum wallet that you require for your operating system: reddcoin electrum wallets for desktop v1.0.2


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bitcoin price today usd

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