New York City Police Pension Fund housing benefit calculator glasgow

In order to make a claim to purchase credit for previous service a member must complete an application under the appropriate chapter of law. Under chapter 552 buying back prior service when not a member of the previous retirement system, the application must be sent to the agency in which you were employed for the period of service being claimed. All other applications for buybacks must be submitted directly to the NYC police pension fund.

When the NYCPPF receives your application, either from your previous agency or directly from you, we can then compute the cost for you to buy back the service claimed. You will be advised, in writing, the monies to be paid either in a lump sum or in the case of a military buy back, through payroll deductions.

You may also request to make payments for your buy back through the NYC deferred compensation plan.Housing benefit calculator glasgow please contact the NYCPPF for more information on this option.

Please note: many of the buy backs require information from either your previous agency or your previous retirement system. This may take some time for them to complete and return to the NYCPPF, which will delay the computation process.

Q: when I became a police officer I was with either transit PD or housing PD. I had prior state service that was transferred to NYCERS, and this time did not count towards my 20 years of service. Now we are merged. When a member of the NYC police department had prior state service transferred to the NYCPPF, this time counted as “good time,” counting towards their 20 years of service. Has the law changed so I can now get this time as “good time” as well?

A: yes! New york state time that was previously transferred to NYCERS that did not count towards the 20 years of service can now be put as upfront time.Housing benefit calculator glasgow please fill out buy back form number 370, “amend prior state service previously transferred to NYCERS” and return the completed form to the NYCPPF.

If you are unsure about your police pension fund beneficiary(ies) information, you may check it in person, or request it by mail with the new york city police pension fund, 233 broadway, 19th floor, new york, NY 10279. In order to change your current beneficiary(ies), you can download a change of designated beneficiary form from this site, under general application, form number 60. If you mail this form back to us, it MUST be signed and notarized. You may also return this form in person, and we will notarize it for you. Due to confidentiality rules, telephone and email requests to check or change beneficiaries cannot be accommodated. Please note: changing your designated beneficiary with the police pension fund DOES NOT change your beneficiary with your line organization, and likewise, changing your beneficiary with your line organization does not change you beneficiary with the police pension fund.Housing benefit calculator glasgow

If the NYPD or retiree notifies the pension fund of an existing order the pension fund will implement the order and notify the involved parties that they must return to family court and have the order modified to address the pension fund.

I currently receive the cost of living adjustment (COLA), which reduces the variable supplements fund (VSF) payment that I receive around december 15 th each year. How long will my COLA amount impact my VSF? Can I opt out of COLA payments until such time?

The amount of COLA received throughout the calendar year by a service retiree under the age of 62 is deducted from the VSF payment received in december of that year. Any COLA money received the month after the retiree attains age 62 will not be deducted from the VSF that year or any year thereafter. The COLA payments will continue to increase annually (each september) and the VSF payment will return to the full gross amount.Housing benefit calculator glasgow retirees may not opt out of this offset or the payment of COLA money. Back to FAQ menu