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At the beginning of this year, the necessary Soil test (soil assessment) was prepared by the state-owned TanRoad. The soil survey provides clarity on the geological features of the subsoil even before the start of construction and is thus a reassurance for builders. An important prerequisite for the preparation of a soil survey is the knowledge of the exact locations of the later buildings. By means of core drilling, samples were taken at various points of our building plot, from which the expert can make statements about the bearing capacity of the subsoil and the water conditions.

Some attentive readers may already have noticed: The name for our planned children’s village has changed.

The name “ Angaza Children’s Village Lutindi” has now been changed from “Umbele Village” by board decision. In the future, it will also be used in all official documents that become necessary during project development. We have chosen the new name of the Children’s Village from a variety of proposals that our Tanzanian partner C.B.R.O. had developed. “Angaza” means translated from Swahili into English, as much as “lighten up”, to lighten up in German. Very suitable for our project, which wants to set bright spots in the lives of disadvantaged children. And also easy to speak and write in English and German.

Florence Paulo Shemndolwa, member of the C.B.R.O. board team from Lutindi / Tanzania, is visiting Germany. Reason enough for a joint meeting, which we had arranged in the Innenhafen Duisburg. There was a lot to talk about at a dinner together with our consultant Si-yeun Hammerbacher. For Flora and us, it was the first personal encounter and we can say that we were immediately captivated by her serene and friendly personality. Flora has made it very clear to us which outstanding significance the ZAC project has for Lutindi and his environment. She even speaks a few words of German, but understands more than she can speak. We were able to learn a lot more about the country and its people and were able to discuss details of our project. We did not want to let Flora drive back to Lutindi without a MSV shirt and gave her one as a small gift. We will not forget this evening so soon.

MSV fans collected copper coins for the children’s village project and again proved their passion for collecting. In the end, a good 200 kg of copper coins worth EURO 1,542.07 were counted by S-Cash Logistics in Mülheim / Ruhr and exchanged into hard currency. S cash logistics rounded up to EUR 1,700. In addition, cash donations of the copper money campaign EURO 878.00 went into the bank account of ZAC, so that the action brought in a total of EUR 2,578.00 for the children’s village project, specifically for the construction of the village meeting point. Great.

The first step was to create a Tanzanian account with the CRDB bank in nearby Korogwe, so that we do not always have to allocate small individual amounts, which are then expensive in terms of fees. As the official postal address, the CBRO, such a further decision, the address of the Lutindi Mental Hospital is given, in which we will have our own room.

On 03.02.2018 the ZAC e.V. was a guest at the Open-House of HSBK Oberhausen between 09.00 and 13.00 o’clock. There was also a 45-minute talk with an interesting series of pictures in which the students and the accompanying teacher Dr.-Ing. Sascha Geifes in front of a larger audience about the working trip of the HSBK in November 2017 to Lutindi, Tanzania.

After long preparations, the ZAC e.V. received the certificate of incorporation from the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children on 19.01.2018. Thus, the way is clear for the statutory project of the ZAC e.V. in Tanzania, to build a children’s village in the Usambara Mountains in the village community Lutindi. The legally binding contract between the newly founded “CHILDREN BASE REINFORCEMENT ORGANIZATION”, the name of the Tanzanian ZAC subsidiary, and the MeTL Group, which provided the 45,000 m² building plot, can now finally be implemented.