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Newsweek’s statement on the bitcoin story

By newsweek staff

Filed: 3/7/14 at 12:09 PM | updated: 3/7/14 at 12:14 PM

Newsweek AA

Filed under: tech & science

Leah mcgrath goodman’s recent cover story for newsweek, investigating the identity of bitcoin founder satoshi nakamoto, has generated an immense amount of international attention, including denials from mr.Bitcoin use nakamoto and ad hominem criticism of ms. Goodman’s reporting and character.

Newsweek published this story because we felt it is an important one. While the virtual currency has become popular, it remains mysterious and volatile. We recognized a public interest in establishing some core facts about bitcoin and better informing those who might invest money in it.

Ms. Goodman’s research was conducted under the same high editorial and ethical standards that have guided newsweek for more than 80 years. Newsweek stands strongly behind ms. Goodman and her article. Ms. Goodman’s reporting was motivated by a search for the truth surrounding a major business story, absent any other agenda. The facts as reported point toward mr. Nakamoto’s role in the founding of bitcoin.

It is natural and expected for a major news revelation such as this to spark debate and controversy.Bitcoin use many of the greatest journalistic scoops have prompted similar reaction. Such debate is part of the democratic process and essential to the functioning of a free press. Newsweek is committed to furthering that spirit of open discourse. At the same time, newsweek encourages fellow members of the press and the public at large to focus on analysis of the facts at hand rather than rush to assumptions or resort to emotion.

Moreover, it encourages all to be respectful of the privacy and rights of the individuals involved.

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The facts as reported point toward mr. Nakamoto’s role in the founding of bitcoin.

Newsweek is saying here that they are relying on leah mcgrath goodman to have reported factually, and based on that believe, they can stand behind her story. But I wonder for how long newsweek can hold this up.Bitcoin use at some point they will have to drop support for their senior editor publicly to safe face or what little is left of it. There are now serious doubts about her claims.

Her research is a textbook example of confirmation bias. The defense of mrs. Goodman in interviews is extremely poor and comes down to claiming that mr. Nakamoto knew she was talking about bitcoin when he said he was no longer involved in that, whereas mr. Nakamoto, whose native language is japanese, says that it was a misunderstanding. It’s literally his word against hers. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Is there a recording of the encounter? As a research journalist, if are not recording at least the audio of an encounter of who you think could be the inventor of bitcoin, you’re incompetent or planning to lie about what is being said.Bitcoin use and if mrs. Goodman has a recording, then she should share it so we don’t have to take her word for it and can judge for ourselves.

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