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SINGAPORE, jan. 22, 2018 /prnewswire/ — in recent days, oceanchain foundation announced the launch of its new platform, which uses blockchain technology to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to support and simplify maritime trade.

Offerings available on the new oceanchain platform include:

• A blockchain-powered currency, ocash, designed to significantly simplify settlement of cross-border transactions, or transactions in international waters

• ecommerce trading platform providing access to goods and services, such as fuel

• financial services for the maritime industry

The platform is designed to support transactions across the maritime industry lifecycle, from transactions involving fish produce or fisheries services, to maritime satellite communications, to maritime insurance, to financial services such as supply chain financing, etc.The price of bitcoin

it can also support trade in auxiliary services for the industry, such as entertainment services for workers on board ships, purchases of food and beverage, etc.

Nick trudgen, founder of oceanchain, said, the global maritime industry is becoming increasingly complex as the volume of cross-border trade increases, yet the industry still largely relies on 20 th century support systems. OceanChain is designed to significantly enhance efficiency across the maritime industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to address the most pressing needs of this sector. Our platform makes it far easier than ever before for players in the industry to trade goods and services, or get access to the support they need such as financial services or first aid.

Nick continued, singapore is the ideal launching pad for this technology because it is at the heart of the world’s most vibrant maritime trading industry.The price of bitcoin southeast asia is also one of the most complex regions for maritime trade because of the multitude of currencies and regulatory environments involved across the region. Our aim is for oceanchain to significantly reduce the bureaucracy of maritime trade and to support the growth of the maritime industry in singapore and across southeast asia.

Maritime produce is one of the most valuable sectors in the global food trade, accounting for over 9% of global agricultural products export and 1% of the world’s total merchandise trade value. In 2016, the export value of maritime products from developing countries was US$80 billion. This is especially important in the asia pacific region, with 84% of 56.6 million people employed worldwide in the fisheries industry living in asia – creating a huge demand in this region for goods and services for this industry.The price of bitcoin

Cryptocurrency solution eases cross-border trade

The new platform is underpinned by a unique cryptocurrency, ocash, which can be used to trade services across the oceanchain platform. Ocash will have a total upper limit of 10 billion units in circulation.

Ocash completed its IEO on the bitthai and allcoin platforms on january 16th, 2018, with the target achieved within 3 hours. On bitthai’s qtum session, the target for ocash was achieved within seconds of launch. For more information about our token distribution, please refer to our whitepaper: https://oceanchain.Club/static/pdf/oceanchainenglish.Pdf

Experienced founding team and support from leading international investors

OceanChain’s founding team includes experts in the marine industry, the international legal sector and blockchain technology.The price of bitcoin the company was founded by nick trudgen, former deputy director of the international department at deheng law offices, and harry lukmito, president of indonesia marine fisheries association and president of PT sekar bumi tbk.

Supported by leading international investors

The company’s backers include both well-known names in the international blockchain industry, as well as renowned venture and institutional investors, including patrick dai, founder of qtum. Martian, founder of australian bank capital. Duan xinxing, founder of bytom blockchain. Xu chong, a well-known investor and MBA, accounting and finance. Wang lijie, founder of preangel fund. Qu lei, energo labs CEO and founder. SAIF partners, collinstar, blockchain ventures, nood capital, ink labs foundation, spacechain foundation, hua ying group, etc.The price of bitcoin

Contact information

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact us via the various platforms below.

Website: oceanchain.Club

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.Com/ocn.Chain/Â

Telegram: https://t.Me/joinchat/emuwvkngsr td7zqj4iqoqâ

Twitter: https://twitter.Com/ocean chainâ

Medium: https://medium.Com/@oceanchainâ

Linkedln: https://www.Linkedin.Com/company/13623171/Â

Official email: rel=nofollow>support@oceanchain.Club

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