Ohenton karihwatehkwen – indian time

Now we will address the fish. The Creator made them all shapes colors and sizes, and they were instructed to come to us, and give themselves to us when we got hungry. They were also instructed to swim about in the water and keep the waters clean and pure. And even though the watery are getting more and more polluted, the fish still go about their duties and never fail when we require them for food. With our kindest words, and our most sincere thoughts, we thank the fish for never failing us, even though their tasks get more difficult as the years pass. Now we are of one mind.

Now we will direct our attention to the berries of the world.

The Creator put berries on this earth for many reasons and chose the strawberry as the leader. The strawberry is used to make juice, which must be made at all gatherings; it is also used to make medicine. When the strawberry can no longer be found, the red leaves of the plant can be used as a substitute, and that will suffice. Now we will direct all our appreciation towards the berries of the world for always being there to make the juices and the medicines of our people. We thank you. Now we are of one mind.

Now we will direct our attention to the two sons. The sun, which the Creator said is our eldest brother, was given a great purpose. Its purpose was to watch over siblings and the shine on our gardens to help our food grow, and to keep the earth warm. After the days end, it reports to the Creator all of the activities we’ve done for the day. We now give thanks to our eldest brother, the sun for never failing to shine upon us, and for aiding in the growth of our gardens. Now we are of one mind.

Grandmother moon was instructed to be the leader of all females, and to orchestrate when all babies will be born. Her duty is to prepare the women’s body for the birth of a baby. Grandmother moon was also given the power to lower and raise the waters of the earth, and to shed some light upon us so that we can see in the night. Now we will put our minds together as one, and think of the kindest words and the purest thoughts, and thank Grandmother moon for allowing our nations to be born.

Now we will direct our attentions to the stars. The Creator gave each animal a star. The stars also tell what the winters will be like, even though we can no longer read them, they still appear each night. The starts also act as jewelry to the moon, to make her look more beautiful. Now we will put our minds together, and thank the stars with our most sincere and kindest words, we thank you for appearing each night, and for shining light on our path so that we may see. Now we are of one mind.

Our attentions are now directed to the thunders, which the Creator called the Grandfathers. He instructed the thunders to always roll from the west to the east and he gave them special arrows (lightening) and thunder (drums). With the thunder comes rain, which sprinkles onto the forests, therefore quenching its thirst and making the water fresh in the world. Now we put our minds together and think of the most grateful, kindest, words to thank you, grandfather thunder for protecting us and never failing to quench the thirst of the forests. Now we are of one mind.

We will now address the people. The Creator made humans from the dirt of the earth, but noticed that something was incomplete. He then commissioned 4 spirit beings to take care of all people and to protect them. They are not seen, they have no faces, but are there to avert danger away from us. We will now put our minds together, and think of the nicest words we can possibly think of, and to thank the 4 spirit beings for always being there to protect us. Now our minds are one.

Now we will address the forests of the world. The Creator made many different sizes, colors, shapes, and textures of trees in the forests. Every part of this tree had a purpose. The bark for medicine, the wood for fires and shelters to keep us warm and protected. Some trees were even made to produce food, like berries, fruits and nuts. Of all the trees of the forest, the Maple was named the leader, its wood is used for the fire which burns the tobacco use din all ceremonies. At this time we would like to bring our minds together as one, and thank your with our kindest thoughts, and our most grateful words for all that you give us. Now we are of one mind.

Next we will address the birds of the world. As with everything else, the birds were made in different shapes, sizes and colors. The Creator gave each bird a song and instructed them to sing their song when the sun comes up, to when the sun goes back down. They were also instructed to fly close to our heads so that we could hear them, and never become bored with life. Out of all the birds, the Creator chose the Eagle as the head bird. Now we will put our minds together as one and thank you with our purest thoughts and our kindest words for never failing to sing your beautiful songs from sun up until sun down, each day. Now we are of one mind.

Now we will address the animals of the world. The Creator created many different animals, and put them all over the world. They were different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and all were given different characters and personalities. He instructed them to go out into the world and make little ones so that their population would grow and that all humans would have something to eat when they got hungry. He also specified that there be no waste, all parts of the animal will have a use.