Ok, i’m convinced. this coin is direct ltc competitor and will probably overtake it. soon. _ vertcoin bitcoin exchange software

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I never liked LTC in the first place, nor vertcoin when I first heard of it few days ago. However I did invest into LTC, my first crypto investment was buying LTC. But not to keep it and stack it under the pillow, but to exchange it asap into coins I believe in. It was a way to buy some cryptos without sending money via SEPA to btc-e or some other exchange.

While trying to buy some LTC to get started I’ve learned what that community is about, they all await this jump.Bitcoin exchange software they all want to go to the moon but do nothing to make it happen. They stuff their precious coins under pillows and hope that one day it will make +1000% on btc-e and they will be rich. But no, that does not happen just like that. Doge showed them what it is about, community and innovation.

Vertcoiners, do not become LTC people. LTC people started with good goals, just like you. But turned into bunch of cheap and ugly speculators and this is the start of decline of their precious coin.

I just don’t see how can LTC keep the market share next to doge, vert and several others like DGC and maybe WDC.

Use the ideas from doge and adapt, and most importantly do not see this as some virtual shit to make quick money. This is revolution.


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This overtaking litecoin soon seems as comical an assertion as dogecoin fans claiming it will supplant bitcoin someday.Bitcoin exchange software

Please allow me to make a small correction. Dogecoin fans are not claiming to supplant bitcoin – maybe a few people, and also then it is often mean as a joke. Also please take into consideration that we have a lot of newbies. Overall, anyone who takes crypto seriously will not wish bitcoin to fail.

Everyone wants to back the winner…But the fact is, bitcoin is the CLEAR winner right now and it isn’t even close.

I agree, and that is good, it should stay this way (at least for now).

Litecoin is a DISTANT second and everyone else is lumped into a giant basket as the rest.

Well…There are different perceptions about this, frankly. We will see. 😉 in my humble opinion, for me dogecoin is just a better version of litecoin – better scrypt-algo parameters, better marketing. Litecoin was correct to introduce shorter block time and more coins, but there weren’t bold enough.Bitcoin exchange software but I would like to emphasize that I am not joining the OP in bashing litecoin… I just think they need to work harder to promote their coin if they want to succeed longtime.

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