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It is very important to know the per-unit cost of electricity as it helps us in understanding how much we are spending per appliance at our home. It is important to understand the monetary impact of any electricity efficiency measure we take. It is also important to understand various components of electricity bills and what is their contribution to the total electricity bill. In a bid to help people understand the same, we have created this online electricity bill calculator that will help people understand how much they spend on various appliances every month and how they can save by doing various activities. Please make sure that you read about the calculator below before using it.

4) connected load: it is decided by the utility based on appliances you have at your home, please see our article on connected load to get more details..Contact number housing benefit

it is also mentioned as sanctioned load, load, connected load, or approved load. If the load mentioned is in watts (it is a number is 100s or 1000s) then divide it by 1000 and enter it. This calculator will help you:

3) understand how much you spend on various appliances like lights , air conditioner , refrigerator , tubelight , computer , set top box , fan , etc. Please note that we have taken approximate usage of these appliances based on how it is used normally in houses. Actual amount may vary as per your use. The values are just a representation.

4) understand savings if you switch from inefficient to efficient appliances. Even these values are approximation based on general usage. We are in process of building tools to help you get to better values as per your consumption in future.

The tool has been built with latest tariff data available from all the state electricity boards in india and has maximum information as available on internet and through our contacts who helped us with sample electricity bills from various states.Contact number housing benefit certain values have been rounded to have better readability and so it may not match exactly to your electricity bills but will be very close. The tool covers following bill components:

2) fixed charge: this is mostly dependent on the connected load that the utility provides you. Connected load is typically calculated as sum of wattage of all the appliances that you have at your home. The utility allocates this much amount of electricity for your home and that is why the fixed charge is applicable.

6) minimum monthly charges: in some states if the consumption is less than a certain amount, minimum monthly charges are applicable, which means that the bill amount cannot be less than minimum monthly charges. The tool does not cover following elements:

1) FAC (fuel adjustment charge) or FCA (fuel cost adjustment) or FPPCA (fuel and power purchase cost adjustment): this is the amount which utilities apply on bills based on varying price of fuel or coal.Contact number housing benefit every month this value is different and is derived based on the current cost of coal. Typically this a few paise per unit.

2) arrears/interest and other charges: if your electricity bill has old payment pending and interest on the same, or any other charges, then those will not match from the output of the tool to your electricity bill. Check this video to make it easier to understand basic terms used for electricity:

Dear team my account no, is bill accouny no, is 761617226037 and bill no,20176761617226 I got bill on 8 april 2017 but it was wrongly updated so i went to nearest power office , they updated my bill and payable amount was rs. 5588 and meter reading was 4134 . And i got next bill in 20 june 2017 that time meter reading was 5038 previous meter unit 4134 and present MU 5038 and bill was made for 904 unit and amount rs 3786 so including tax rs, 3861 now total amount should be paid only 3861+5588 =RS,9449 but it is showing total; amount =rs10917 which was paid , amount =rs10917 so please give me clarification and send detail, and adjust to next bill ,

contact number housing benefit

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