Optimal prenatal – multivitamins – vitamins – essentials

Optimal Prenatal Capsules by Seeking Health provide a comprehensive prenatal formula with a unique blend of amino acids, chelated minerals, and vitamins designed to meet the high nutritional needs of women who are pregnant or preparing for pregnancy. While this nutrient blend is specifically formulated to support healthy fetal development and prenatal nutrition, Optimal Prenatal Capsules may also be taken whenever the supplemental need for a potent and pure multivitamin exists.*

This complex formula is made with careful consideration for not only the increased demand for certain nutrients, but also for digestive sensitivity that can occur during pregnancy.

This product contains L-5-MTHF, the most biologically available form of folate, which is essential to support healthy cognitive development. Optimal Prenatal also provides folinic acid, a non-methylated form of folate that can be easily converted to coenzyme forms within the body. This optimal blend of folates may work in conjunction with amino acids, chelated minerals, and other B vitamins to support normal cell growth and cardiovascular, neurologic and immune health.*

Optimal Prenatal Capsules also contain two active coenzyme forms of vitamin B12: methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, which may help support healthy fetal development, energy metabolism and the methylation process. The well-balanced vitamin B complex is complete with active forms of riboflavin and B6, plus additional biotin to support healthy growth and development. Biotin may also help support healthy skin, hair and nails. Both vitamin B6 and ginger extract are special features of this formula, supporting digestive comfort.*

Vitamin A is included in two forms: beta-carotene and retinyl palmitate, to help support those who have trouble converting “provitamin A” compounds (such as beta-carotene) into the active retinyl/retinol forms. Vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 provide antioxidant support, supporting a healthy immune system and cellular integrity. Red raspberry leaf has historically been used as a tonic for pregnant women to help support circulation, uterine comfort and digestion. Trace minerals are included in their chelated forms, as amino acid-chelated minerals are typically well-absorbed and may be more easily tolerated than alternative supplemental forms. Betaine HCl is also added to support healthy digestion and optimize absorption of nutrients.*

Children and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use. Do not use if tamper seal is damaged. Avoid if allergic to any ingredient. Do not exceed 5,000 IU intake per day of preformed vitamin A. Evaluate total vitamin K intake from food and supplements if you are taking blood-thinning medications. Consult a healthcare professional prior to use if you are taking any medications or if you are undergoing treatment for any medical condition. When taking high doses of nutrients such as B12 and folate, monitor blood levels and use under the supervision of a qualified physician.

With my first baby this prenatal wasn’t on the market yet, so I took MegaFood’s prenatal at the time (which I later learned was not all it was cracked up to be) because it supposedly had methylated folate and B12, which I knew I needed. My baby had so many visible MTHFR markers…the stork bite on the back of her neck, the "angel’s kiss" on her forehead, reddish eyelids, a small hemangioma on her cheek, sacral dimples, and a lip tie that we didn’t discover until she was a few weeks old (which explains my nursing issues). When she was a year old I discovered Seeking Health’s Optimal prenatal and switched to these from that point forward.

A few years later I got pregnant with Baby #2 (still nursing Baby #1, so still taking SH Optimal Prenatal). This time I had to be careful not to take these prenatals on an empty stomach or I would definitely vomit, even at almost 40 weeks pregnant, so there’s a tip for you new mamas-to-be…make sure you have food in your stomach first! When this baby was born it was such a big difference…no stork bites, no angels kiss, no red eyelids, no hemangioma…he looked so much healthier than his sister, it was really interesting to compare the two. He did have a tongue and lip tie (which I expected and had corrected…HUGE difference in our nursing experience…and no colic!!) and now that he’s chubbier he has the sacral dimples as well, so I can tell without being tested he definitely has some MTHFR markers. But overall I know Seeking Health’s Optimal Prenatal made a big difference.

One thing I will say is if you have horrible nausea like I did (both pregnancies), you might not like trying to get down 8 pills a day. I divided mine up into morning and afternoon doses, but still it is really hard to choke down any pills at all when you are perpetually nauseated. I didn’t have SH’s prenatal until my second pregnancy, where I was *very* sick for over 5 months, but I managed to suck it up and get down the capsules the majority of the time. I almost went with the chewable version, but I was afraid I’d have an aversion to the taste so I stuck with the pill form. After the constant nausea finally subsided at 22 weeks it was much easier to take the pills. Now I’m almost 10 months postpartum and still taking them everyday. All total I have been on these prenatals for 3 years now. I recommend them to all my mamas-to-be and hopeful mamas-to-be. Review by KarDes (Posted on 12/16/2018) Potent! Effectiveness