Oregon Secretary of State Administrative Rules housing benefit uk

(5) community housing means real property, including but not limited to buildings, structures, improvements to real property and related equipment that is used, or could be used, to house and provide care for individuals with mental retardation or other developmental disability. Community housing includes a single-family home or multiple-unit residential housing that an individual with a developmental disability shares with other inhabitants, including but not limited to family members, care providers or friends. Community housing does not include the eastern oregon training center.

(6) community housing trust account or trust account means an account within the developmental disabilities community housing fund which includes proceeds from the sale, transfer or lease of any surplus real property owned, operated or controlled by the department and used as a state training center, of which 95% of the sale or transfer amount will remain in the account in perpetuity.Housing benefit uk

interest earned in the account and 5% of the sale or transfer proceeds may be used for community housing.

(8) contractor means an individual or business that is registered with the oregon construction contractors board who, for compensation or with the intent to sell, arranges or undertakes or offers to undertake or submits a bid to construct, alter, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, inspect, move, wreck or demolish, for another, any building or improvement attached to real estate or any part thereof. Contractor includes general contractors and specialty contractors as defined in OAR 812-002-0100.

(10) developmental disability means a disability attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or other neurological handicapping condition or severe physical impairment that requires training similar to that required by mentally retarded persons, and the disability:

housing benefit uk

(11) developmental disabilities community housing fund means a fund in the oregon state treasury, separate and distinct from the general fund, in which funds are deposited and disbursed to the department to pay expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of ORS 427.330 and 427.335. Interest earned accrues to the fund.

(16) grievance officer means an employee of the department appointed by the assistant director of seniors and people with disabilities that hears a formal grievance and makes a recommendation for determination to the assistant director of seniors and people with disabilities.

(19) mortgage means a conditional and time limited pledge of property to the department in exchange for funds expended to build, renovate or adapt real property for use by individuals with developmental disabilities.

(20) owner means the organization or person owning the residence where individuals with developmental disabilities live or plan to live and receive services.Housing benefit uk owners may include, but are not limited to: families, licensed service providers, foster providers or housing development organizations.

(22) scope of work means a detailed outline of work to be performed, including any necessary drawings suitable for contractor bidding, and including all information that might be required for obtaining a building permit.

(25) trust deed means an instrument which transfers (conveys) legal title of a property to a trustee, for the benefit of the beneficiary or grantee named therein, to be held pending fulfillment of obligations secured by such instrument.

(27) trust advisory committee means an advisory committee consisting of individuals, family members, advocates, care providers, case managers and housing providers that make recommendations to the department about policy and procedures concerning the operation of the community housing trust account.Housing benefit uk

(1) non-discrimination. All eligible individuals will have access to resources governed by this rule, within available resources. Access to service will not be restricted due to race, color, creed, national origin, citizenship, age, income or duration of oregon residence.

(2) eligible recipient. An oregon resident, child or adult, with a developmental disability, eligible for services prescribed by ORS 430.610 or a not-for-profit housing provider under conditions described in OAR 411-315-0050(3) are eligible recipients.

(3) eligible residence. Any primary residence that is not a licensed site for services, where an individual with a developmental disability resides or intends to reside is eligible as a location for funding. The residence may be owned by the individual with a developmental disability, family member, care provider, a corporation, government entity, partnership or private party.Housing benefit uk

(6) application may be made to the community housing trust account for adaptations that are contingent on securing other funds for a project. Approval of these projects will include a final date for project completion and disbursal of funds. If funds are not disbursed by the agreed upon date, and arrangements for an extension have not been made, the approval will be withdrawn. Approval and disbursal of funds will be subject to the same rules and conditions as other projects.

(7) funds from the housing trust account may not be used for rental assistance, routine maintenance and repair, or to make adaptations or improvements to the home that are not consistent with the authorized purposes of the program.

(b) the department will make effort to achieve a broad distribution of the program description, procedures, and application, including making it available to traditionally under-served and underrepresented populations.Housing benefit uk

(2) application. Application for funding of a housing adaptation must be submitted on a form prescribed and distributed by the department. Final applications to be considered for funding must be complete. If the project is in a home not owned by a care provider or by the individual for whom the adaptation is intended, the application must also include written permission by the owner of the property to make the adaptation. If an applicant is not able to provide all the information required on the application form, he or she may request technical assistance.

(3) technical assistance. Applicants may request assistance in completing any of the required information on the application by checking an appropriate box on the form. Applicants requesting technical assistance must describe the support needs requiring a housing modification or equipment and any solutions considered.Housing benefit uk

(b) the department may also arrange for technical assistance by architects, contractors or other experts in the construction and remodel of residences for individuals with developmental disabilities. Funding of technical assistance is an approved use of trust account resources.

(4) determination. Completed applications for funding will be accepted and reviewed by an employee designated by the assistant director of the department. Completed applications will be reviewed in the order they are received and applicants notified of the determination. Applications reviewed by the department will receive the following determination: