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So, Max-Q has made it possible for gamers to have a powerful gaming platform anywhere they want. And you know, the notebook gaming platform one of our fastest-growing businesses. So, put your orders in now. We think building a gaming laptop is different from building a laptop for gamers. They are humans, too, they don’t just play games. They want to do 3-D design and video editing.

So, we made it possible for it to render like a workstation and edit raw 6K video in real time. It’s been impossible to do that on a laptop at any time before now. It’s a professional video encoder, and it will let you broadcast your games to Twitch and such.

You know, there are eight million broadcast gamers around the world who use their laptop as a broadcast station.

Third, we announced a commercially available "Drive Autopilot" system, with fully integrated chip and software stack, powered by Xavier. This is going to let the industry achieve Level 2-plus ADAS [advanced driver-assistance systems.] That includes all the functions you would expect for autonomous driving, but with a person still in the loop. That means, I should be able to just say, take me to work, the car pulls out of the garage and drives down the lane, and it goes on the highway and it changes lanes, and it just takes me to work.

We also announced that Daimler asked us to build their next-generation car computing system. That will be one system for autonomous driving and one system for the user experience. The software can be easily updated. It will be software-defined, it’ll remove the enormous number of ECUs [electronic control unit] in the dash. And it’s all really part of this broad picture where in future, car companies will have to be software companies. Daimler knows this. We will work with them and ship it as soon as we can.

If we turn on RTX, we will crush it! Our 28-nanometer is all over the world, already. Theirs, well, I think it’s going to be available on their Web site! It’s a weird launch. Maybe they thought of it this morning. Okay, wait, can I take all that back? Oh, come on it’s funny. I’m not going to make any more jokes. You know how funny I can be.

JH: I’m happy just to get 3G sometimes! I was having a cell signal issue right here in the hotel, I thinking I was getting two-and-a-half-G! 5G, I don’t think it’s going to change anything. You will never have perfect coverage. That’s why you will have hybrid cloud. But when you want to download, it will be a little faster. It’s good. I’m in support of Fast.

The GPU is very, very good at linear algebra, and multi-variable simultaneous equations. And so, you could apply the basic approach of this domain-specific processor to some other domains. Over the years, we have opened up the GPU to other domains. In fact, cuDNN [CUDA Deep Neural Network from Nvidia] was the first domain-specific processor library.

The world’s first domain-specific language was SQL from IBM. It is still the most popular today, for one thing only, file systems and storage. cuDNN is the SQL of deep learning. Our "Rapids" [software library] is the domain-specific language of machine learning. And OptiX is the language of RTX-inspired DXR [ray-tracing capability] and Vulcan RT [graphics API.]

JH: We created the autonomous vehicle computing system. You can’t drive it, you still need to add wheels and body parts. Today’s Model 3 that uses Drive PX is about three years old, and it defines the state of the art today. Level 2, most people don’t know what that means. So, we think that autopilot is a good way to calibrate expectations. I mean, can you imagine where the Model 3 will be in twenty years?

JH: What would you call it? It is nonsense to compare what Tesla has in the Model S to what is in ADAS Level 2. Look, it drives me to work every day, it’s the only driver assistance software that works. L2 has been destroyed by ADAS. It doesn’t say ADAS-plus. People have taken an ADAS chip and added a little software and called it Level 2, and I think it’s a tragedy.

JH: Do you mean how does someone solve it in adversarial examples. Let me explain how deep learning works it has a great deal of diversity we teach the computers lots of examples of cars and people and such and also noisy examples and tortured examples like we’d change shape and add noise a then we try to fake it to give it lots of random things to make it more robust humans generalize we would like to see the brain has a great deal of diversity I still recognize it as a fruit, and we would like it to be robust so when I give you a plastic fruit you would not think it’s a real fruit, we want it to be generalizable and robust

Because we haven’t solved one problem, the laws of physics. We believe PC gaming is here to stay. Because you need a PC because knowledge is apparently still important. They are the device for young people, the machines they learn on. When they buy these games on Steam etc., we want them to take that someplace else, a TV or a mobile device, but that all starts with PCs.

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