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– Updated the optional file called “Custom Body Meshes and Skin Textures for PV Followers” to match keyword and inventory changes made to the NPC records in the base file from the previous update. If you already downloaded the previous version of this optional file, the only thing you need from the update is the .esp file (and not the textures or meshes).

– Enabled compatibility with the upcoming mod Father Companion by ToroMontana, releasing in October 2018. Use Father Companion if you want Shaun/Father to live and/or to take him as a companion, in which case the ending of “The Revolution will not be Televised” will be slightly different.

No mod dependencies are required between the two mods, as they are communicating with each other via previously unused vanilla global variables. Trailer for Father Companion here:

– A quest marker has been added to Mitch Murray’s terminal in the Harbormaster Hotel during the quest Prepared for the Future, as well as the terminal in Vault-Tec HQ. If you enjoy using in-game clues to explore without the aid of quest markers, turn quest markers off for this quest. The entire quest is designed to work with no quest markers, but over time some have requested more quest markers, so it’s easier to put quest markers on everything than to answer questions on the mod page. Sorry old-school Bethesda fans.

– Fast travel is now available to and from the Vault-Tec teleportation hub after the quest “Connecting the Commonwealth” is complete. A map marker enables at that point, allowing you to fast travel directly to the interior (for people who like the hub, but not using the teleporters). This feature will only work if you install this update on a play-through where you haven’t yet completed the “Connecting the Commonwealth” quest.

1) Visit Club Snuggle, located along located along the Charles River northeast of Diamond City and across the river from CIT and Greenetech Genetics. There’s a blue door with an “open” sign on the right and a Nuka Cola vending machine on the left. Talking to Sawyer, the guy behind the counter, and asking him for work, will lead to 14 quests. Talking to Fred, the guy in the black tuxedo, and asking him for work, will lead to 2 quests.

– New quests, “Tools of the Trade”, “Pimp Drugs”, “Selling Skin”, “Secret Ingredients”, “Sending a Message”, and “Pimpin for Parts”, given by Sawyer, the guy behind the counter at the front of Club Snuggle. The “Selling Skin” quest leads to (currently) 8 additional quests where you help the Back Bay Players start an adult magazine. "Sending a Message" and "Pimpin for Parts" are repeatable.

– New quest, “Paradise Lost”. This is the personal quest for Gabriel that involves surviving Deathclaw Valley, tracking down a GECK, and avenging Gabriel’s father. To start, talk to Mike McBride in the Brotherhood of Gold bunker after completing the quest Quantitative Easing (given by Sam at Raider Emporium). If Gabriel is currently your companion, dismiss him before doing the quest.

– Five new Brotherhood of Gold quests. Visit the Notice Board terminal on the top floor of the Brotherhood of Gold bunker. It will issue a “BOG Mission Holotape” in the receptacle below the terminal. Use the holotape, which will let you choose from any of the following 5 missions: Bounty hunting, Technology retrieval, Harass the Institute, Troll the Brotherhood of Steel, or Eliminate the Gunners.

– Added a Teleport Companion holotape that will teleport any Fusion City Rising or Outcasts & Remnants companion to you if they get lost. The teleport holotape is automatically added to your inventory at the end of the quest Initiation. Or you can add it directly using console command: help teleport 4. That will give you the 8 digit code, then use the player.additem console command.

This mod uses assets, with permission, from other mods. When installing you might receive a message about whether you want to overwrite existing files. Shouldn’t matter how you answer, but easiest path is " yes to all" or "no to all" unless you’ve previously customized certain outfits used in the mod, in which case answer "no" on those if you want to keep the customizations. To find out which mod a particular item came from, please see the credits below.

If you’re using NMM as your mod manager, upgrading to the latest version on GitHub here is recommended, because the latest version of NMM available on Nexus is outdated, and has trouble installing larger files in about 0.1% to 0.2% of cases. How will you know if the mod didn’t install fully? One symptom is if an NPC won’t talk to you or you talk to a companion and they don’t listen to your dialogue choice (e.g. trade, follow, wait, etc.). Also, if you’re going to use NMM, run it in Admin mode, and don’t install your mods on a different hard drive than your game. We did not make NMM, we don’t recommend it, we don’t support it, and all questions about NMM related installation problems will be referred back here, or you can watch a tutorial on how to use NMM here.

If you just want to play the pimp-related side quests, head to Club Snuggle at any point. It’s located on the Charles River northeast of Diamond City, across the river from CIT and Greenetech Genetics. There’s a blue door with a Nuka Cola machine on the left and an "open" sign on the right. For immersion purposes, you may prefer waiting to visit until after completing the quest "Pimpin’ ain’t Easy" is finished.