Paul stramer – lincoln county watch dear mister trump — january 11, 2019

When Americans finally get it straight that we are victims of a series of long standing frauds brought against us, our family members, and our private property of all kinds, we will most assuredly take the proper actions. We are all being defrauded using falsified records of NAMES, Names, TITLES, and Titles, purposely and criminally created, recorded and relied upon by criminal foreign interests to dupe us all by deceptions promulgated by them and their foreign licensed attorneys, including most of the "courts" operating in the United States. These crimes have been committed systematically by criminal usurpation of our correctly named National Founding a-political unincorporated order, correctly named and spelled "The United States of America".

The criminal syndicates have further employed semantic deceit calling us and our property "legally" defined as ""WITHIN" the United States", (the incorporated legal, artificial, paper entity, NOT the continents geographic states comprising the land) which "United States" is now understood to be a Municipal corporation, and which does not operate as a legitimate body politic representing the sovereign American people.

By falsely intermingling familiarly named people with incorporated PERSONS through falsified NAMES, Names, TITLES and Titles, these criminal foreign interests will become confounded, and their fake ill gotten criminal powers will be cast off from the backs of Americans who make their records corrected. Sovereign American people taking initiative by using their own corrected records of Birth and Nationality, re-assert their sovereign American peoples’ capacity.

We sovereign American people will enthusiastically take the available, sensible, reasonable remedial steps as individual men and women to re-take control of our Trade NAMES, Given Names, and TITLES to "Real Estate", by re-conveying all of our lawful estates back to our un-incorporated land jurisdiction States under the American Common Law to which we and our land are entitled by birthright, by conquest, and by God’s giving us this land as the "land promised to the Gentiles", protected by Providence forever – if we serve Him.

Correcting our Names and our Titles and by taking the steps to make our public records stand corrected and truthfully within County Records will become a viral movement sweeping the land as Americans realize their political and lawful power exists within easy reach. Correcting the fraudulent premeditated with malice aforethought presumption of "subject" political status "the United States" and their franchised STATES OF STATES, sovereign American people re-assert and re-gain their capacity as sovereigns over government. As sovereigns we will reconstruct our unincorporated States and govern ourselves with local application of Common Law, with jural assemblies and assemblies of kinds required to re-establish our order over our land and estates.

Failure to provide any notices, explanations or means of "waiving" the fraudulent "benefits" forcibly construed over us as "subjects" (as in owned property subject to a foreign master) is failure to disclose the truthful lawful or legal basis of these fraudulent criminal claims against the American people. All this points to the necessity of taking the personal initiatives necessary to reclaim our birthright, our land and our estate as outlined above. Reply Delete

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