Philip Giraldi _ embezzlement and money laundering

Philip Giraldi _ embezzlement and money laundering

In a march 12, 2012 FOIA appeal response, the US dept. Of justice (DOJ) implicitly acknowledged the existence of FBI file 203A-WF-210023, which FBI whistleblower sibel edmonds has said contains evidence of top US officials’ complicity in the trafficking of nuclear secrets, arms and drugs, in addition to bribery, blackmail, money-laundering and obstruction of investigation into 9/11. In 2008, the sunday times of london reported that the FBI, in response to a different FOIA request, denied the existence of the file.

The january 20, 2008 report by the sunday times, FBI denies file exposing nuclear secrets theft, briefly summarized edmonds’ allegations about the file in this way: “she says the FBI was investigating a turkish and israeli-run network that paid high-ranking american officials to steal nuclear weapons secrets.

These were then sold on the international black market to countries such as pakistan and saudi arabia.” according to an article by former CIA officer philip giraldi, the file name 203A-WF-210023 indicates it’s an “FBI washington field office, counterintelligence division, turkish unit file.”

embezzlement and money laundering

When the times asked edmonds about FBI file 203A-WF-210023, she said, the file refers to the counterintelligence programme that the department of justice has declared to be a state secret to protect sensitive diplomatic relations. The article goes on to say that, the FBI responded to a [ liberty coalition] freedom of information request for a file of exactly the same number by claiming that it did not exist. But the sunday times has obtained a document signed by an FBI official showing the existence of the file.” no other information was given regarding the latter document.

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Those who are interested in issues like widespread corruption of our elected officals by foreigners have no doubt followed the ex-FBI traslator turned whistle blower sibel edmonds saga for the past few years.Embezzlement and money laundering sibel has finally testified in court under oath about some of the things that she learned while working for the bureau. The testimony was in a court in ohio about two weeks ago. A full transcription and a useful summary appear at http://www.Bradblog.Com/?P=7374. In short, she names a number of congressmen including former speaker dennis hastert who took money from turkish lobbyists. She also identifies senior state department and pentagon officials who apparently did the same, including our friends marc grossman, paul wolfowitz, and doug feith. Interestingly, she claims that grossman blew the cover of valerie plame’s company brewster jennings back in 2001, causing CIA to shut it down, so robert novak was not guilty of exposing the CIA cover mechanism. In another interview given a few weeks ago, edmonds claims that CIA was working closely with al-qaeda in the balkans and continued to do so until 9/11.Embezzlement and money laundering

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Found in translation

FBI whistleblower sibel edmonds spills her secrets.

By philip giraldi

Most americans have never heard of sibel edmonds, and if the U.S. Government has its way, they never will. The former FBI translator turned whistleblower tells a chilling story of corruption at washington’s highest levels—sale of nuclear secrets, shielding of terrorist suspects, illegal arms transfers, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, espionage. She may be a first-rate fabulist, but edmonds’s account is full of dates, places, and names. And if she is to be believed, a treasonous plot to embed moles in american military and nuclear installations and pass sensitive intelligence to israeli, pakistani, and turkish sources was facilitated by figures in the upper echelons of the state and defense departments.Embezzlement and money laundering her charges could be easily confirmed or dismissed if classified government documents were made available to investigators.