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January 28, 2019 – San Francisco – CA – PipeLineNews.org – Since the invasion of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, many Iranians found themselves in a state of bewilderment as to what real Islam is. The suffocating rule of Islam casts its death-bearing pall over Iranians. A proud people with an enviable heritage has been systematically purged of its sense of identity. The so-called Islam they knew and cherished vanished overnight, and confusion and uncertainty prevailed.

The shock wave of the real Islam on the faithful individuals was so massive in Iran that they came up with another justification that real Islam is not what the mullahs teach and practice.

They went even farther – as far as to call the highest Shiite religious authorities, frauds. If only Iranians could read Arabic, the outcome would have been entirely different. Most Iranians have never read the Quran.

Understandably, after 40 years of suffering under the brutal regime of the mullahs, Iranians have become completely fed up with that Islam and all its rituals, and they wish to divorce themselves from it. In fact, many already have, but for the fear of being called murtad and subject to death, they don’t come forward and announce it. The events in history have hardened present-day Iranians. They have become pretenders. [Read More]

First we must remember that these kind of short-hand characterizations probably don’t apply to the majority; nontheless there appear to be more than enough of this type to do considerable damage to traditionally elemental Western concepts such as freedom of speech and one would have to pretty dull tool not to have noted the malignant outbreak of intolerance over the last decade that seeks to silence anyone whose political, ideological or religious attachment is not of the state approved variety.

“Finally we wish to devote a few lines to an idea advanced by a critically important [though largely unremembered] Marxist, a German by the name of Herbert Marcuse who greatly influenced other socialist intellectuals such as Max Horkheimer in jointly developing the idea of “critical theory” as part of the “Frankfurt School,” technically, Goethe University’s Institute for Social Research. True to Gramsci’s modification of Marxist-Leninism, the Frankfurt School has had a devastating impact within the walls of academia.

In one of three essays published as a short book, A Critique of Pure Tolerance , Marcuse authored the concluding chapter entitled, Repressive Tolerance. Though the preceding chapters argued to re-define the notion of tolerance, perhaps the cornerstone of Western Civilization, it was Marcuse who ably advanced the closing argument attempting to solidify the idea:

“However, this tolerance cannot be indiscriminate and equal with respect to the contents of expression, neither in word nor in deed; it cannot protect false words and wrong deeds which demonstrate they contradict and counteract the possibilities of liberation…” [source, Herbert Marcuse, A Critique of Pure Tolerance: Repressive Tolerance, p. 88]

The Orwellian nature of Marcuse’s twisting of a very basic and accepted term to the advantage of his belief system should be apparent. We also hope that the reader does not overlook the striking similarity between the left’s definition of “tolerance,” which is used to promote the Marxist revolutionary agenda, as being identical in practice to the Islamic concept of “defending Allah’s religion” through eternal preemptive warfare directed against all that stands in its way.”

Marxist justifications for smashing critical opinions aside, there is an aspect of the new-age Children’s Crusade that seems to have escaped much scrutiny and that is their attitude towards what have been Western values at least since the Reformation [though of course many of these ideas can be traced back to antiquity] and it is extraordinarily troubling. [Read More]

January 2, 2019 – San Francisco – CA – PipeLineNews.org – History is recorded daily whether we like it or not. History isn’t what happened, but the stories of what happened and the lessons these stories include. What compelled me to inform my fellow Americans once again, is that Iran is deteriorating faster than we thought, almost to the point of no return. The Iranian people are aware that after 40 years of complete devastation by the rulers of the Islamic regime, they no longer want the Islamic Republic.

Folks, “We don’t want a new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East,” bin Salman, told The New York Times in an interview published last year. For the Islamic regime, it’s the indisputable test is religious where the mullahs view anyone not in adherence to their branch of extremist belief is an apostate and worthy of death. This explains why the regime has historically targeted minorities such as the Baha’i, Kurds, Christians, Zoroastrians and Sunnis for confinement and oppression.

In an interview, with the Associated Press Reza Pahlavi remarked, “We all know that regime change is the ultimate formula,” said Mr. Pahlavi, a harsh critic of the clerical rulers who have dominated Iran over the last four decades. “But that’s what the Iranian people are asking. It’s not going to be because the US says so, or the British say so, or the Saudis say so, or the Israelis say so. It’s because it’s what the Iranian people want.”