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Not sure if it is a scam or not; but I lost $14, 000 in one month with them, because I bought some mining shares (evolution mining, evn. ax) which had already dropped about 45% from the year high of $2, to about $1.48, after the sudden unexpected collapse in the gold price. I bought in at about $1.20, holding eventually, 14, 000 shares. I bought them because the risers and fallers list on plus500 hd them on that list. I now believe that the shares on that list, specifically, are actually frauds run by plus500 staff. how does the fraud work? well, plus500 staff have a share in the profits from the listing of those companies, which list with plus500 (as they would never get jew finanzing anywhere else!!) for a fee.

when plus500 have enticed ‘sufficient’ numbers of shares to be bought by their clients, they then instruct the companies which pay them the fraudulent and deceitful fee; at which point those inside the scam begin trading the same shares down, until the clients are margined my case, this happened when evn. ax reached the multi-year low of 53 cents, or about 75% down from the high set in 2011. after my money was stolen by plus500, and all retail holders had been efficiently liquidated (margined out) by plus500, who are going to roast in hell for ever, as they are deceitful anti-christ zionist #s, plus500 instructed the insiders to "buy in" again. evn. ax is a pump and dump scam run with the full knowledge of #ers like plus500, who will burn in hell and roast for ever. that is why the shares are now, miraculously, back to 83 cents in only three weeks since their crash to 53 cents. you #ers at pus500 be warned. evn. ax is finished. and so are you.

I say this because any person who has a reasonable amount of intelligence, will automatically read that they will be dealing with a company that wants it all their way, they basically have or think they have their product disclosure written up in a way that prevents you the client from taking any type of action against them, whilst at the same time take no responsibility for anything they decide they want to do, this includes taking or keeping your money.

I had contacted plus500 who at the time I thought were a reputable company and was informed that the reason they would not allow me to make the deposits was because I had not provided them with the remainder on my id requirements in order to comply with anti money laundering laws and raisng money for terrorism laws, which I told them I was happy to provide.

I had sent numerous emails to plus500 and at first, but they kept on saying that they need to refer this matter to a senior advisor, and there senior advisers kept coming up with different excuses, until I received my final answer and this was that I had ticked the box and agreed to comply to their product disclosure agreement, which said they can suspend your account when ever they want, and in my case it was because I had not sent in the rest of my id requirements and hey were accusing me of money laundering, I used my cc so I do not know why they would think I was laundering money, and they ended up with my money, and they can do what ever they want when ever they want this means stealing your money, and as I said to them even if I was a money launderer which I am not, and at times agreed to send the rest of my id requirements, so who is the money launderer if they kept my funds.

No 1 the trading platform they say they use is from an independent source, and I also have it writing they do not just use one source they use several, and they are not all quoting the same price, this means they can pick prices from the source that is in their best interest, which means that they do trade against you, when they guarantee that do not trade against their own clients.

No 3 they are not hedging your money invested with any other financial institution why should they, do not only make profit and as they keep on telling you about the big favour they are doing for you by charging low transaction fees, why should they it is a fact that yhey know well in advance that they will get to keep all of you money to start with.

And if by some chance they could end up between a rock and hard place, like what they did with me they can just text you or mail you or even call you to advise you that you need to deposit more funds to make your margin call, I could not even begin to imagine how many poor # have lost their hard earned cash, in this way but that’s trading we are all aware of this.

But this is a classic I received the mail the calls and the text for margin calls and was financially in the position to deposit any of the extra funds they required but each time I tried and puss500 would block my account making it impossible to ad extra funds, had I been able to do so I would have made a hansom profit instead of just having what I did have invested just taken or what I should say is stolen.

This type of trading is volatile we all know and when trading like this you must have extra funds to at times back your judgement and investment we all see how stocks go up one minute and down the next and then up again, and when you are all of a sudden restricted of adding funds to cover your margin call you loose the lot and guess who gets your money its those pigs from puss 500

I was silly enough to keep funding my account thinking I was just unlucky all the time just getting margined out, funny enough it was always just enough to take my money then it would go back up or down, don’t get me wrong the stock would be going up/down and they use this to rip people off, it happened to me many times, they will have a list of people for a particular stock that’s for example going down if ur on that list unfortunately you will lose your money(margin call) I read some reviews and didn’t want to believe it thinking that won’t happen to me am to clever to be ripped off am going to make millions and won’t have to work again, we all dream ov this, and plus500 scam artists take advantage ov this I’ve deleted plus500 with £26 left in my account, I did try and take it out but it said the min was £31 wot a joke, no joke the money I lost and i worked dam hard for it, don’t think I was just crap at it u will be better I thought the same and no matter wot u will lose trust me don’t trust plus500 hope u read this b4 u invest any money, spend your money on something worth while like a nice holiday at least you will see something for it u wont ever see your money again 100%

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