Pockit Review – Mobile App with Pay As You Go Prepaid MasterCard check credit card balance online mastercard

Pockit prepaid card review – pockit contactless card published on 23 march 2016 in M – review by raffick marday united kingdom

Pockit review

Which prepaid card summary pockit review?

What is good for the prepaid card?

Pockit prepaid card a ‘pay as you go’ card there are no monthly account fees, no credit application, no minimum contract and no cancellation fees so you’re in complete control of your account. You can withdraw up to £500 a day from an ATM with pockit and the transaction charges are cheap enough as long as you keep your transactions within the UK.

In addition, upon purchasing a pockit for £0.99 you gain access to prepaid cards partner offers and over 5000 voucher codes to help you save when spending.

What’s not so good about prepaid card?Check credit card balance online mastercard

As with most ‘pay as you go’ prepaid cards the foreign transaction fee and foreign ATM fees are the main strings, but apart from a 3.5% credit card loading fee that’s about as bad as it gets.

Application process? – 5-star rating?

Open an account is easy when using the online application process. Once completed online you get an instant mail of your account details and your card in the post within 7-10 days. You’re then ready to top-up the card and get spending plus good mobile app.

Card design – 3-star rating?

The quirky design however if card design choice is important to you, you may be disappointed. Only one choice of design is available.

Prepaid card fees – 4 stars prepaid rating?

With an application fee of £5, no monthly fees and minimal transaction fees of £0.45 per transaction and £1.50 per ATM withdrawal in the UK, they’re easily manageable.Check credit card balance online mastercard

The only thing to watch out for is using this card abroad, as with most pay as you go prepaid cards the foreign transaction and foreign ATM withdrawal fees will cost you more! Pockit review

Self servicing – 4 stars rating

Online servicing for your account when using pockit app or website to check balance inquiries. Even options through SMS or email. Reloads are made available through BACS, debit/credit card, post office and paypoint.

The pockit prepaid mobile app is free to download once you have purchased a pockit card as you will need your account number and email details to open, activate and log in. The mobile app will allow you to monitor and manage your account online 24/7.

The pockit app gives you total control of your money.

• view balances plus all transactional history.Check credit card balance online mastercard

• pockit app instantly comes with automatic fraud protection.

• access and manage anywhere in the world at any time.

• pockit can be downloaded in google play or itunes.

• manage your primary GBP card and secondary cardholders.

• account number and sort code details for electronic payments or to make a standing order.

• activate or block any card instantly ideal if you lose your prepaid.

• contact customer services instantly with secure message inbox.

• locate the nearest top-up location to pay in cash.

Consequently, pockit app is available to download for free on google play and itunes. So, once you have opened a card. Recent posts

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