Pretend you’re xyzzy mastercard debito o credito

Pretend you’re xyzzy

Pretend you’re

Xyzzy A cards against humanity clone.

This webapp is still in development. There will be bugs, but hopefully they won’t affect gameplay

Very much. To assist with development, all traffic on this server may be


The name you enter and your computer’s IP address will always be logged when you

Load the game client. Chat and gameplay may also be logged.

Recent changes:

• 13 august 2017:

• global chat is disabled. Far too spammy, far too shitty. Go shitpost

Somewhere else, or at least take it to a game chat.

• added metrics logging. This will allow analysis over what cards are played often, and

Regional trends. See the next bullet point for details. Your username and chat will

Never be stored permanently.

• hey, this is important: read the privacy page for

mastercard debito o credito

Details about what gameplay information is collected and how it’s shared.

• 3 may 2015:

• the game list automatically updates once per minute now, instead of several times per

Second. You can still click the refresh games button in the top left corner at any time.

• chat flood protection has been made more strict.

• other back-end changes to attempt to get the AWS bill in control.

• all locally-stored custom card sets have been removed. You must use

Cardcast for custom card sets now.

• the 5th and 6th expansions, PAX prime 2014 panel, 10 days or whatever of kwanzaa,

And science packs have all been added.

• 21 february 2015:

• servers now run in amazon web services. This is going to cost me more, but at least it

Should be more stable and not take down my other stuff when it does go down…Mastercard debito o credito

• I am still tweaking server settings in AWS. It likely is going to be unstable for another

Week or two while I fine-tune cost and performance.

• card set filters are fixed.

• /removecardcast is fixed.

• connect and disconnect notices are disabled server-wide. This was a major source of

Bandwidth and processing time.

• you can start a game without using any local card sets.You must have at

Least 50 black cards and (20 times player limit) white cards to be able to start a game.

• several other back-end performance and code maintainability improvements.

• custom card sets will be removed from local storage in the near future.You

Will have to use cardcast to use custom card sets. If a card set you want is not already in

Cardcast, you can attempt to extract it from

mastercard debito o credito

The last

Version of the database dump which contains them and add it to cardcast yourself; I will be

Unable to provide help in doing so.

• at roughly the same time, all officially released cards against humanity sets which are not

Already in the system will be added as local decks.

• remaining known issues and high priority features:

• leaving a game as a spectator doesn’t work right.

• game owners still can’t kick players from their game.

• actually saw a deadlock the other night, so that needs fixed.

• 11 august 2014:

• loading decks from cardcast is now supported in a

Preview release. See the

Wiki for instructions. A better UI will hopefully happen before too long, but you can see

How long it took to get any sort of custom deck loading implemented…

Mastercard debito o credito

• please go make your own card sets there! It’s a really cool site.

• if you submitted a card set which is currently hosted locally on PYX, please add it

To cardcast and let me know when you have done so, so that I may remove it from the local list

To de-clutter the page. I will list cardcast codes for previously-hosted decks for a

Period of time so that users may continue to find them.

• older entries.

Known issues:

• do not open the game more than once in the same browser. Neither instance

Will receive all data from the server, and you will not be able to play. I have an idea on how to

Fix this, but I haven’t had time to do so.

• this game was extensively tested in google chrome.

It should work in all recent versions of major browsers, but it may not look 100% as intended.Mastercard debito o credito if

You find a major issue, please

Email me with a screenshot and the

Name and version of the browser you are using, and I’ll try to fix it.

• you may not always see your card in the top area after you play it, but it has been played.

Also, sometimes the card will display in the top area but be small. I have no idea why either of

These happen.

• if you refresh in the game, an error will pop up in the log briefly before the refresh

Happens. It is safe to ignore.

• you may see an error after joining a game. As the error message states, this is safe to

Ignore. I will figure out a way to make this not show up.

• interface elements may not be perfectly sized and positioned immediately after loading the

Page if your window is sufficiently small. Resize the window to fix.Mastercard debito o credito

• A player joining the game in progress may have a slightly incorrect representation of the

Game state until the next round begins.

• reloading the page when the winning card is displayed does not display the winning card


• played cards seem to blank when someone joins or leaves. You may have to refresh the page

To see the cards again if you’re the card czar.

Current limitations:

• support for black cards with pick and/or draw annotations is rudimentary. When you play

Your cards, it does not group them until the judging starts. Also, when other players play cards,

You do not see any progress from them until they have played all 2 or 3 cards, and it only shows

A single face-down card for them. I will try to make this look nicer, but it works.

• also, you cannot un-do your first (or second) card: once it’s played, it’s played.Mastercard debito o credito

• while judging, only one card will be highlighted. It does not matter which card in a group

You click, the game will figure it out.

• I know that when you have a lot of players, especially with pick 2 or pick 3, it gets very

Hard to read, and cards overlap (and underlap) your hand, and are hard to click sometimes.

I’ll work on this soon. You can resize the window to try to help if you’re having problems

For now.

• you can’t bet awesome points to play another card, and I am unsure if I will add this.

Future enhancements:

• there may be an option to display who played every card.

• A registration system and long-term statistics tracking may be added at some point.

• support for custom black and white cards will also likely be added, with a game host option to

mastercard debito o credito

Use them or just the stock cards.

If the game seems to be in a weird state, refresh the page and it should take you back to where

You were. It would be helpful to take a screenshot and

Email it to me along with a general

Description of the problem and the time that it happened (include a time zone please!).

Pretend you’re xyzzy is a cards against humanity clone, which is available at

Cardsagainsthumanity.Com, where you can buy it

Or download and print it out yourself. It is distributed under a

Creative commons – attribution –

Noncommercial – share alike license. This web version is in no way endorsed or sponsored by

Cardsagainsthumanity.Com. You may download the source code to this version from

GitHub. For full license

Information, including information about included libraries, see the

mastercard debito o credito

Full license information.