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The online checkup packages we offer you are right from general health checkup tests, to line of preventive health checkup tests which includes a blood test in elaborate lab. We also provide you range of health checkup packages which offers Blood test home collection featuring a complete blood test home kit that contains Blood drug test at home. Indeed Welfarelabs offer you best preventive health checkup packages online at very affordable price point! Why Preventive Health Measures?

We Ask Why Not? The self awareness in the people’s perception has increased subsequently over past decade. And as modern medical science is moving toe-to-toe with it moving pace offering not only antidote for most of the treatment options in form of therapies and medications, that there is only few countable health alignment which cannot be treated.

But science also offers treatment solutions to manage their symptoms and live life peacefully. With so much at dispose, it is essential to address possible issues or complications and there are set of preventive health checkup packages or tests that can help figuring out what kind of complication you could have. And indeed there are many health checkup packages online availed for most of the symptoms and alignments you can opt for! How To Book Preventive Health Checkup Packages?

Register yourself: Select the health package, book it online with your email and address and defined time at which our trained medical assistant could come for the test. The actual tests: Then the samples would come to the facilities like blood test labs along with prognostic and monitoring centres for a precise prognosis. Report: A soft copy of test results would be sent to your email address. And in case, if you couldn’t get it, we would send a hard copy on registered address or you can contact or health care representatives for further assistance. Why Regular Health Checkups?

Much like we read news dailies to know and be updated about the things happening around us in similar ways regular health checkups help you get better overview of your health conditions on regular basis, pertaining health status, immunity level, BMI, body weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and so on. Thought a blood test to diagnose cancer, test for liver function or general blood test for diabetes and test before surgery are subjective and needed doctor’s consultation sessions. But in general routine health checkup tests like pathology tests like blood and urine tests, imaging tests like x-ray and ultra-sonography, lung function test and cardiac stress test and general physical examination are best done routine basis. But Then Why Should I Opt For Welfarelabs Preventive Health Checkup Packages?

We are the one who offers you line of complete blood test, blood test for liver, diagnostic services, prognostic and monitoring services, labs support. We also offer you online preventive health checkup packages. And if you are unable to reach facilities then you can go for health checkup at home. All at best buy price point! Who Can Opt For Healthcare Checkups?

Literally from any age groups are eligible for general health checkup tests, even children too. But particularly for those who are age over 30 years, have the habit of smoking or alcoholics, has sedentary lifestyle, or has family history of heart disease or of diabetes, also those who have high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, obesity issues. It is strongly suggested to those who stressful & high tension job at hand, so that one can dodge any possibility of health complications. General Tips For Any Health Checkups?

Much like academic exams it is better to be prep for medical checkups, and preventive health checkup tests or for that sense any diagnostic tests. We have preventive healthcare guidelines to guide throughout the checkup processes including general tips like maintaining a minimum 10-hour fasting period before undergoing any test and avoiding having tea or coffee. You should also not apply creams, oil, powder etc. on your chest. It is better to inform your medical history, pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, prior to health checkup and also carry all your past medical records. You can also keep in touch with our Healthcare service experts by calling on 022-65550392 number, in case of you needed any necessary arrangements. Why Should I have Full Body Checkup?

Because each and every body parts, organs and elements are interdependent on each other and eventually brings effects or symptoms to the course and that’s the reason it needed other elements to examine. It is important to get a better and precise prognosis before doctors to decide which treatment course is suitable treatment course for you. Even in-treatment phase or post-treatment preventive health checkup and general medical checkups are necessary to track progress or possible complications. And for such reasons it is suggested to opt for general blood tests for better overview of health along with its progress and recovery. What Kind of Blood Tests You Offer?

Too many, Welfarelabs offer you most comprehensive preventive healthcare services and best preventive health checkup packages that diagnoses alignments related to the thyroid, diabetes, liver, iron or any vitamin deficiency, renal, lipid, pancreatic complications, cardiac risk markers, various tests for toxic element in the body, arthritis, testosterone, electrolytes element and a complete hemogram test to give a better and precise overview of health. Every preventive health checkup packages we offer you are designed and compiled to inspect each and every aspect of your health alignments. And the best part is, all the test services, and prognostic and monitoring services we offers you are at the most affordable price.