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I think that price stability will save crypto from never getting adopted by the mainstream market.

Realistically volatility is what prevents consumer adoption.

Merchants cannot properly sell their stuff if in a matter of a day or an hour the price fluctuates a lot as it would force them to recalculate the price of all items they sell, which is simply not convenient nor even possible.Websites that use bitcoin

Same case for wages, if the the price drops after receiving the wage, the employees getting paid in coins would loose their purchasing power.

Same for individual transactions, in a matter of hours, the seller that has sold his service or item could loose the value of his transaction.

This is all especially true in a capitalist society where rich whales can manipulate the price, just as media that can do mass opinion manipulation (be it fudding or positive extrapolation) and overall market speculation from traders/bots.

So crypto NEEDS price stability.

Then what about tether/bitusd? They are doing hard pegs backed by entreprise assets. Basically it is centralized and one point of failure, while also being dependent from the USD as it is pegged to it (which is a problem as if the dollar falls it falls).Websites that use bitcoin crypto is in the first place about decentralization so it is no good as these hard pegged coins like tether would become like fiat but instead of having govs backing it, it would be private enterprises, so arguably an even worse scenario. Especially as the bigger such projects get, the harder will it be to maintain the centralized hard peg (they could also terminate him on a whim or getting shut down by govs or political/economical incidents).

That’s why we must have a decentralized peg that brings stability without compromising decentralization, and from the last news there is only bitbay developing something like that (called rolling peg or dynamic peg). It is scheduled for Q2 2018. It is gonna be huge in my opinion. The only weakness of it is regarding positive growth. If the market cap grows a lot (and the project must grow to get adopted and used), the price can move up fast, but thankfully it remains a stable progression thanks to the peg.Websites that use bitcoin once the market cap stabilizes after the growth, it will be the most advantageous scenario ever because we would have total price stability while remaining entirely decentralized (compared to tether and similar projects that sacrifice decentralization for stability).

Pic related how the bitbay dynamic peg works: https://imgur.Com/a/7jyy7

What do you all think about the issue of volatility?


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Gold is inherently more stable because it is a physical asset (true rarity) requiring care for both exchanges and preservation so that makes it far slower and truly scarce.

Bitcoin is purely virtual and thus extremely easily traded. Bitcoin will never be price stable. You will always have price manipulation because very rich whales, medias, traders (including bots) and impacting economical/geo-political events.Websites that use bitcoin this will not be an exception for a trillions market cap. In the contrary as traders will try to do marging trading on the volume volatility. Without counting that a trillions market cap could take forever to happen or will not happen at all if there is no already present stability regarding dips to ensure users always have at least the same value that when they received their coins (mandatory for genuine economical growth and adoption). All you need is crowd effects and there will be crowd effects. Especially as there is not one currency but many. Bitcoin is already technologically depreciated.

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