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By simren january 17, 2012 I will go nowhere else 🙂

I strongly disagree with anyone who says that priceless is anything short of amazing. I have been going to simmi for over eight years and never once have I had an issue. My mom and I get everything from hair, threading, nails, waxing, facials, tinting and laser done!

I had the WORST eyebrows before due to other threading attempts but after simmi had her way with them, I will never go anywhere else. They are thorough with their work and make sure that everyone leaves satisfied.

I was very hesitant to start any type of laser treatment due to horror stories that I heard from friends. Simmi completely changed that perspective for me. She is quick, efficient and the results are amazing!

I’ve been to places where they end up ripping my skin while waxing, but my mom and I have never had a problem at priceless.Mastercard securecode registration sbi

I have tried other places around surrey but no place compares to the cleanliness and service that priceless provides. They are close to home and very reasonably priced. I HIGHLY recommend simmi and her team.

By patricia112 december 5, 2011 never let me down

I do not agree with molly10, and find that most of what she is saying is not even true. I have been a customer of priceless for the past 6 years, and never once left unsatisfied. I have tried almost all of their services, and get them done on a regular basis, never had any problem. Never had I heard anything bad about them. There are certain people in the world that can never be satisfied, and so they make it their life’s mission to complain, as much as they can. As for the owner (simmi), she is really nice, and she would never say that she doesn’t care, or ignore a customer.Mastercard securecode registration sbi she makes sure that every customer leaves satisfied. They respect all their customers, and give them full courtesy. I have recommended this all my friends, and they all the service they get at priceless. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for great services at a reasonable price. Don’t listen to molly10….She is lying about everything that she has said, except for that their eyebrows are excellent. The best I have ever seen. Once while on vacation, i had got them done outside, and regretted it so much, luckily the people priceless fixed them for me. Best hair and beauty salon out their by far

November 29, 2011 disappointed in service

I have tried this place several times because I can walk there from my home. I have had a haircut, waxing, threading, pedicure, and a manicure done all at different times.Mastercard securecode registration sbi haircut was ok, threading was great, pedicure was poor, (nails were trimmed crooked and polish did not cover all the nails completely) waxing was ok. I must say that each time I went there I left feeling less than satisfied, yet did not want to complain. I kept thinking next time would be better because I like to offer my patronage to local businesses.

Today I had a threading and manicure done. Over the last 10 years I have had a manicure and a pedi about once a month at different salons, and have become accustomed to a certain end result. Threading was great – no complaints. But the manicure took less than 15 minutes, cuticles were not trimmed, no base coat put on, just a shoddy job. Yes it’s only a manicure folks but it is a fairly inexpensive way to pamper oneself which most of us women need these days.Mastercard securecode registration sbi

However, when I nicely informed her that I was not happy with the result, the manager or owner whatever she was couldn’t have cared less. She told me that was how they do the work. By the way, I was warned about the poor quality of services at priceless hair prior to going there but I gave it a try only because of its convenient location so near my house. But today was the last straw as I am done giving my money away to this business while left feeling that I did not get what I paid for.

I appreciate good customer service, and friendly staff and tip well for that service but I certainly don’t appreciate sloppy work, poor customer service, and individuals that do not know what it takes to do a good job. I may be old fashioned but I still expect to get good service for a fair price, therefore, I certainly would not recommend this place.Mastercard securecode registration sbi there are too many great hair and nail salons out there that do appreciate and deserve our business.