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Http://www.Bestprepaiddebitcards.Com/… – #bpdcreview – curtis arnold, of bestprepaiddebitcards.Com, prepaid debit, debt and credit card experts, offers a review on the primor classic secured visa credit card.

In the video, curtis goes over the features and benefits of the primor classic secured visa credit card, its APR rate and annual fee. Be sure to check out our review of the primor gold secured visa card. You can find that video here: https://youtu.Be/aoczg93qwcq

Find out whether this secured credit card is right for you in our primor classic secured visa credit card review.

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Title: primor classic secured visa credit card review

multinational debit card owned by mastercard

If you prefer to read, rather than watch the video, here’s the transcript:

Greetings. My name is curtis arnold with bestprepaiddebitcards.Com.

We’re here today to talk about the primor classic secured credit card. Now this is different than the gold primor credit card we reviewed in another review. The classic card is a great card. It’s 13.99 percent is the interest rate which is below average when it comes to interest rates.

( 00:24) so the interest rate is good on this card although it’s not as low as the gold card, the advantage over the gold card though is that the fee is less is $39 dollars as opposed to $49 dollars with the gold card. So this card is really a good card for someone who doesn’t plan on carrying a balance at all and can enjoy a little bit lower fee and the annual fee savings and be willing to pay a little bit higher interest rate.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

But again if you’re not carrying a balance, the interest rate really doesn’t matter. So, a great card

For someone who doesn’t plan on carrying a balance who’s trying to rebuild or build their credit

Because, like the gold card, it reports to all three major credit bureaus which is the fastest, most

Effective way for you to build your credit and basically operates just like the gold card and any other

Secured card.

But, again, the rate’s great. We’ve got it rated with an overall rating of four stars on

BestPrepaidDebitCards.Com. So, it’s one of our highest rated cards and just a wonderful way to build


If you’re not familiar with secured cards, you basically put money up as a deposit just like you would

In any savings account. That becomes your collateral or your security deposit and so, hence the name

multinational debit card owned by mastercard

Secured credit card. So, with the primor classic card, your credit line will be from two hundred

Dollars to five thousand dollars depending on how much money you want to put ,up front. So if you put

Two hundred fifty dollars as your opening deposit, that sits in a savings account that is FDIC

Insured. That becomes a credit line that is matched dollar-for-dollar. This is how most secured cards

Work so you have a $250 credit line.

Again, a great card for someone who doesn’t plan on carrying a balance. The fee is a little bit higher than normal, but it’s pretty much in the range. The rate is lower than normal, so we rate it with four stars.

And best wishes. A great card again for you to rebuild or build your credit, even if you are planning on carrying a balance.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

The primor classic card. Again curtis arnold of bestprepaiddebitcards.Com.

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