Prognost 2019 – the dragon enters

ProGnost, Adamus Saint-Germain’s annual planetary forecast, is always provocative and eye-opening. He usually shares his unique perspective on the rapid proliferation of technology and artificial intelligence, and how this will shape the world in decades to come. However, ProGnost 2019 took a different turn when he said it was time for “the dragon to enter.” A higher level of consciousness on the planet has called in the dragon energy, and this will have a profound effect on the world, human consciousness and, most of all, your own life. After being in the other realms since the times of Atlantis, the dragon of clarity and truth now challenges you to release whatever is still holding you back and accept the forgiveness of the I Am.

According to Adamus, the dragon has not been on Earth since the purification at end days of Atlantis. Now, in what has been prophesied for many ages, the dragon has been called in by a relatively small group of conscious and allowing humans. The dragon brings chaos, clarity and great transformation for those who are ready. This beautiful and ferocious dragon guards the doorway to full Realization, because none shall pass who still hold onto guilt, shame, makyo and unforgiveness. However, the dragon will help you find and release the last things that may be holding you back, eventually emerging as the beautiful butterfly of freedom.

Adamus says that “The Dragon Enters” is a favorite chapter in his book “The Time of Machines.” He explains the history of the dragon, and that a small group of conscious humans has called it in for the first time since Atlantis. “Dragon” means clarity, truth and magic. Watch now how it affects your life and the world, especially in the early part of 2019. In a deeply touching guided experience, you are invited to accept the dragon as your Pakauwah (animal totem) and experience the freedom and magic it brings.

What happens now that the dragon is in the world? After input from the audience, Adamus explains that it will bring absolute clarity about the guilt, shame and other issues you’re holding onto, for you cannot bring them into Realization. The dragon has no agenda, it simply brings drastic clarity. Adamus asks an intense and deeply felt question: “ Do you understand why you are here right now?” The answer changes everything.

This time has been prophesied for a very long time, with many different iterations. Pay close attention now as the crystal energy of the dragon comes in. Adamus asks for input from the audience on how the dragon will affect one’s personal life. The biggest, most important issue is letting go of guilt and shame, for they have no place in Realization. Now it is time to receive the forgiveness of the I Am for coming here “with no light and no name” and becoming lost. Adamus says, “ Shaumbra, we have a few years, the clock is ticking. Now is the time to welcome the dragon into your life.”

This review of Prognost 2019 has been the hardest for me to write, and the slowest to be written! Today I feel I’ve realized why. There’s really nothing I can add to the already posted reviews and comments, and I knew I was having difficulty finding words to describe my experience. I’ve realized that it’s because it’s deeply personal. But you’re family, this is now a closed group, and I Am safe!

Some weeks, maybe 3-5, before Prognost, I was journaling one morning, and a name came very clearly to me…..Shuanna. I wrote it down because I thought I’d forget it, but I didn’t. On my morning walks when I call to my Soul, Sophia; my pawkawah from years ago, Anakan; Yeshua, Kuthumi, (and knowing Adamus is with us every step of the way) to join me, I also immediately began inviting Shuanna. I felt clearly that this name was to be intoned or sung. I wondered a couple times who it was… oversoul’s name, perhaps? But it didn’t seem to matter who……just now a part of the family of I Am. Walking and communing and experiencing with us every day.

Then one day after Prognost, I was walking and came suddenly to a dead stop, realizing that Adamus had told us the dragon is a compilation of all the senses, so all of a sudden I was aware that now I was allowing a New and expanded freedom to fly with my dragon to all the 200,000+ senses Adamus started talking about several years ago. When my mind finally wearied of trying to figure out how I am going to get to all those senses, in steps my dragon to offer me a free ride!!

And the last piece of the experience is the love, compassion, acceptance (forgiveness) I’ve been feeling and experiencing. In the 3rd session, Adamus talks about the guilt and shame we’ve all allowed in our lives. This showed up for me as still trying to perfect the human aspect, which originates in feeling shame for being human. The feeling of being loved even when my human judges itself as being impatient or sharp is difficult to describe. It’s a sense of knowing that I Am is constantly reminding me that my impatience and my sharpness is loved….unconditionally. It’s simply human….not good or bad. There is no need and actually no way that the dear human can perfect the human aspect……it’s already loved! As is! Simply allow~~

The dragon is Light & Clarity. And rather than shying away from either, the love from Soul/I Am inspires an indescribable feeling of safety that’s perhaps analogous to a dog who’s been making a mess, and his person catches him and says, “who did this?”, and the dog rolls over on his back, stomach exposed, and tail wagging……no fear, just allowing the experience!

Adamus states one of the purposes of this ProGnost is to open our eyes to who we really are. “Why DID we choose to be here at the time?” For me this is so affirming. He reminds us that what we are doing right now is creating the template for awakening humans and we will be written about in the future for the “work” we have done here. (Try putting that on your resume!)

Like many of you, I was born “turned on”. I have always known I was here for a reason. I was passionate about waking up the planet and part of the cadre of Light Warriors. I was there for the Harmonic Convergence in ’87 and other drum beating events that tried to get enough of us meditating at one time . My bible was the “Aquarian Conspiracy.”. Finding the Crimson Circle 16 years ago shifted me and I’ve retired that sword , focusing more on changing myself than changing the world. A quiet last life time… Retire into the third circle with my dogs!

In ProGnost ‘19, Adamus woke that passion in me again! Now IS the time and we ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for! (Drumroll!) By the end of March, enough of us will have reached that “100th Monkey” milestone of consciousness and light that change is here. But rather than monkeys, the “dragon” will return. And Shaumbra have helped bring it out of the cave again.

What is this dragon? It’s a metaphor for clarity, truth, wisdom, magic and sometimes chaos when our light returns. In ProGnost ’19, Adamus shares the myths and lore of the dragon since the times of Atlantis and King Arthur. It only returns when the light of consciousness is present in enough people, under a million which is now. In Part Two he shares how the dragon will affect the planet and Part Three how it will affect us. “What will the dragon be to you” Adamus challenges us?

I was first introduced to this dragon at the very intense Threshold event Adamus introduced five years ago. Adamus stated this was why he was here. For Threshold. The dragon stands at the threshold of enlightenment and will not allow you to enter realization with any guilt, shame or unhealed stories. It will bring up anything unbalanced. And now the energies of that dragon are here to serve all Shaumbra! It has been prophesied as the second coming but it is not your grandma’s Jesus who will save you. Enter the Dragon.

Having looked the dragon in the eye, I can personally attest that your life will change! The dragon will breath fire into any nooks and crannies and bring up any crap that needs forgiveness. You don’t need anyone else other than maybe Adamus to help point it out! The unforgiving forgiveness comes from your I AM and not the human. As a veteran Thresholder , I can attest that this isn’t an overnight process and is deeply personal so be prepared… ( I have called Threshold the “Roto Rooter” of the soul and still recommend the 4 day experience to dive really deep into the forgiveness.)

Adamus explained the word “dragon” means clarity and truth. And magic. When you meet him/her it will bring clarity to every little dark spot in your life. Everything that is unloved. This is not about being perfect, make amends for “sins” or anything like that. It is recognizing all of your darkest feelings, your shame and guilt on the deepest levels and receive forgiveness from your I Am. The human can’t forgive him/herself. That would only be superficial. It has to come from the I Am.

In autumn, I had a long period, where I was so angry. Anything could trigger it. It was incidents from my whole life that suddenly popped up, demanding my attention. It was tough, I took a lot of long walks by myself and breathed with it. At some point, I discovered that the anger had (mostly) disappeared. Instead different situations came up, where I had done something “wrong” to others. My first reaction was to excuse myself (to myself – it was also because …), then halfway push it back and finally breathe with it, embrace it.

I felt somehow and also read it in the book "Memoirs of the Master" that the Dragon is a metaphor for clarity. And I always looked forward to the day when I would participate in "The Threshold". And because it is now the time where the Dragon enters Adamus introduced us to the Dragon and still will be doing so in the times to come wich is very beautiful because he said that we do not need to participate in "The Threshold" but we can if we choose to dive deep into that topic. I am sure that as he has mentioned before that everything he talks about in the Workshops will be uncovered and talked about in the Shouds as well. So, indeed I am very grateful for this ProGnost as well as for those who set the stage so to speak and participated in The Threshold to make it now possible that the Dragon enters for Shaumbra now and at the end of March/the beginning of April for humanity although for them it has a much different impact on them as it has for Shaumbra. Anyway, we do know that: "All is well in all of Creation".